Monday, December 2, 2013

Romain Jerome - New Start with Manuel Emch

Romain Jerome is well associated with the Titanic. JR CEO Mr Manuel Emch was in town recently and I manage to catch up with him to have a better understanding of the watches, the brand and the man.

Manuel was candid and he told me about how the brand has moved on from very negative vibes to what he calls positive provocation. To be different, one needs to be provocative but in a positive way. The brand chooses to use different materials like steel from the Titanic and moon dust and blend culture into their products.

I was interested in how the case of the Titanic DNA watches are made. Manuel said a piece of steel used to build the Titanic is the starting point. Melted down and mixed with more steel, the material is then shaped into the case and then treated to prevent further oxidation. Then it is coated with PVD to stabilize the material.
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Steampunk Red Auto photo RomainJeromeTitanicDNASteampunkRedAuto01_zps6911d94f.jpg

Featured here is the Titanic-DNA Steampunk Red Auto. Measuring 50mm across, the numbers 12 and 6 are "unfinished". Coming in several iterations, I like this one best.
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Steampunk Red Auto photo RomainJeromeTitanicDNASteampunkRedAuto02_zps86cb47f5.jpg

The solid case back of the watch explains the materials used - gold, steel and titanium. I believe the automatic movement beating inside is a Sellita.
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Steampunk Red Auto photo RomainJeromeTitanicDNASteampunkRedAuto03_zps8732bf4b.jpg

The next range is the Moon DNA range and I took to the Skylab. Limited to 99 pieces and coming in three variants, I like the steel version best. Well, Manuel tells me they managed to get their hands on some parts from the Apollo 11 and used it for the case.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab03_zps30b7bbad.jpg

The skeleton watch is 44mm with a satin finish. Other than the case, the watch is very unlike RJ. Simple and elegant.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab02_zps2ea86eaf.jpg

At the six o'clock position is the balance wheel and when beating, looks like a flying tourbillon. The watch is rather well finished.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab01_zps6b9d8e93.jpg

And now the black PVD version.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab04_zps8becb990.jpg

And a wrist shot of the black.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab06_zps0980d9f6.jpg

One more look at the watch. Notice the lugs - they are hollowed out and see through.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Skylab photo RomainJeromeMoonDNASkylab05_zpseb238b0b.jpg

More about lugs and a special collection of Romain Jerome watches in a follow up post. Thanks to the Hour Glass for arranging the interview.