Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Farewell For A Friend

Our good friend and fellow watch enthusiast Professor Massi Landi is leaving our shores for a break in South Korea. So we thought it was a good idea to gather for a farewell dinner at the Peach Blossoms Restaurant at the Marina Mandarin Hotel.

And no, there was no color theme for pants this time around as many of use were coming from work - colorful pants a no-no for those working in the office. As usual, no short of spectacular timepieces on wrists. For starters, Massi's MIH.

For those who know not, the MIH is an Annual Calendar. Perhaps the most affordable Annual Calendar. But take a look at this MIH - can you tell me what is wrong with the display?
Massi's MIH photo MassiGTGMassiMIH01_zps5f14b7fc.jpg

A similar MIH was also worn by Jim. Now you can compare the display on both MIH.
Jim MIH photo MassiGTGJimMIH_zps190bec31.jpg

Then there is the Tudor Heritage Blue Chrono on a Nato strap.
Tudor photo MassiGTGHarryTudor_zpsdc576f7f.jpg

Almost always, you will find an IWC. And this time, the Regulateur.
IWC photo MassiGTGJokohIWC_zps2d60b0f2.jpg

And of course the Jaeger LeCoultre. This example is a vintage full calendar.
JLC Full Calendar photo MassiGTGStefanJLC_zps1dd65d4b.jpg

Then there is the Parmigiani Hebdomadaire - the 8 days power reserve in blue dial.
Parmigiani photo MassiGTGEddieParmigiani01_zps7cee7b88.jpg

Another P Brand watch - not one of my favorite brands. But I shall feature it here as it is worn by my friend Lionel.
Panerai photo MassiGTGLionelPanerai_zps75546a33.jpg

Lionel came double wristed. Here is the Seiko Blue Monster - the 100th Anniversary piece. On his mesh bracelet.
Lionel's Seiko photo MassiGTGLionelSeiko01_zpsa1d24330.jpg

Another vintage - The Rolex GMT Pepsi…
Rolex Pepsi photo MassiGTGLarryRolex_zps47fbb6ff.jpg

In a gathering like this, I am always certain I will find a watch I have not seen before. And in this case, a customized Mark II Pilot. A manual winding watch that looks like a regular Pilot.
Mark II photo MassiGTGDirkMarkII_zpsd7f19f61.jpg

A Patek Calendario ref 5135
Patek Calendria photo MassiGTGStefanoPatek01_zpsc16fedb6.jpg

And another friend came double wristed. First the Breguet.
Breguet photo MassiGTGKevinBreguet_zps88addd73.jpg

Then the Lange 1 Tourbillon. I failed as a photographer - the photos I took that night of this watch did not turn out well. But the watch is so beautiful that I cannot not post it here. So I am using an archived picture from my previous shots.
Lange 1 Tourbillon photo MassiGTGKevinLange_zps92149b5c.jpg

Probably one of the most beautiful watches for the night. And now the table shot.
Table Shot photo MassiGTGTableShot01_zps33098113.jpg

Notice how they all turned into a one-handed watch? Perfect timing. And now for the food. First Up was the Peking duck which was carved and presented. Then came the wasabe prawns.
Wasabe Prawns photo MassiGTGFoodWasabePrawns_zps5458832b.jpg

Next up the pork neck asparagus - a stir fry dish with very tender pork collar.
Pork Neck Asparagus photo MassiGTGFoodPorkNeckAsparagus_zps200a2581.jpg

The Kungpao chicken was excellent too. The chicken is lightly floured and then fried before the sauce coats the meat. Nicely crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Kungpao Chicken photo MassiGTGFoodKungpaoChicken_zpsa434f178.jpg

The spinach and shark's cartilage broth is another winner. The broth is slightly thicken by the shark cartilage and is silky smooth. The wolf berries add a nice sweet touch to the broth.
Spincah in Shark Cartilage Broth photo MassiGTGFoodSpinachSharkCartilageBroth_zpscb91f844.jpg

The clay pot seafood tofu was also braised to perfection.
Seafood Tofu photo MassiGTGFoodSeafoodTofu_zps651ba435.jpg

The bitter gourd with spare ribs and also a few other dishes like the ostrich meat, eggplant with minced pork.
Bittergourd Spareribs photo MassiGTGFoodBittergourdSpareribs_zpsb0deae63.jpg

And finally the Ee Fu Noodles with duck meat.
Ee Fu Noodles photo MassiGTGFoodEefuNoodles_zps11c9fdc7.jpg

And all too soon it was end of the night. We wish you safe journey Massi, Francesca and Ginevra. Enjoy Korea and we shall see you in one year's time. And who knows, we may come visit you there. So long for now. Ciao!