Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fashionably Stylish - Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale

Recent launches by Manufacture Vacheron Constantin has been winning new fans and the Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale is heading the same direction. With 5 pieces to choose from, I am certain there is one for every man out there. Any man (with deep enough pocket) who understands style and fashion will want one of this in his collection.

The Boutique only set of five are named according to the pattern. All the timepieces bear the Hallmark of Geneva certification. Just as suits are tailored to fit the man, these timepieces are somewhat bespoke - especially when the Manufacture uses the Guilloché and enamelling techniques on these timepieces. The off centre display allows the full pattern to showcase the beauty of the timepiece. Much goes into making these timepieces - the artistry behind the dial is unbelievably intricate.

The focus is all on the dial. A hand-guilloché dial coupled with a coat of Grand Feu enamel adorns the dial. At different angles, 3D effect of the dial is mesmerising. Just like an impeccably well constructed suit, the dial work is exceptionally crafted. There is the off-the-shelf suit, the tailored suit and the bespoke - this may not be piece unique but the craftsmanship of the dials on these timepieces is as close to bespoke as it can get. The choice of pattern embodies tradition and style. There is the Prince of Wales check pattern in squares, the Herringbone motif, the Window Pane pattern, the classic Pin Stripe and the Tartan pattern make up the 5 different patterns.

The Prince of Wales check is in a shade of raspberry red with squares and vertical and horizontal lines protected by a translucent enamel. If you look closely at the central motif, you can see the details an perhaps understand the craftsmanship that goes into these timepieces.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Check 04_zpshafwtkcy.jpg

When one views the dial from different angles, it invokes a different feeling as the texture of the dial comes alive.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Check 01_zpsffyug2xp.jpg

Even the centre of the sub-dial is decorated tapestry style. The Prince of Wales check reference 1400U/000G-B215 comes with a white gold case and black alligator strap.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Check 03_zpsrgn5jddl.jpg

The Herringbone motif is perhaps the most liked motif of all.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Herringbone 05_zpsa9j5zgma.jpg

The dial comes lavender toned and is also protected by a layer of translucent enamel.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Herringbone 06_zpsqkzev1fr.jpg

Direct view of the Herringbone pattern. Comes with a rose gold case and Champagne-coloured tapestry motif in the sub-dial.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Herringbone 01_zps6typ73dp.jpg

The central tapestry motif in Paisley in this version reminds one of the pocket square patterns and is easily the most sophisticated and intricate of the lot. Much work goes into engraving the motif which uses a specially adjusted graving tool before being frosted and varnished. The raised and hollowed areas creates an embroidery effect that is truly a sight to behold.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Herringbone 04_zpsbsmtlmq5.jpg

The Window Pane pattern reminds me more of a bar of chocolate than a windowpane, but that is just me.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Window 03_zpstthw4apr.jpg

The 40mm case is made of 18K 5N pink gold and the dial is made of white gold and of course enamelled too.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Window 02_zpsdggxpqvy.jpg

This one is not one of my favourite, but still very well made given the amount of craftsmanship that goes into handcrafting these dials and applying enamel to it.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Window 01_zpsw73l4gqv.jpg

Next comes the Tennis Stripes pattern also known as the Pin Stripes.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tennis 01_zpszvx1d9fg.jpg

Rose gold case with an equally golden shimmering dial. The sub-dial at 3 O'Clock is a Champagne-coloured tapestry motif.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tennis 02_zpswm6seszo.jpg

The dial is made of 18K yellow gold (surprise, surprise) and the intricate hand-guilloché dial shows through effortlessly.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tennis 04_zpsac6vf4fo.jpg

The Tartan motif is hand-guillochéd and comes in royal blue shade protected by a translucent enamel.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tartar 03_zpsoyiqrdya.jpg

The motif is best seen at this angle and features vertical and horizontal lines weaving in and out.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tartar 01_zpsoqbkvbc8.jpg

Examine the edge of the dial and the sub-dial. The details on the Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale series is astounding. To complete the look, the sub-dial at three is rimmed with mother-of-pearl, made to resemble the shirt buttons.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Tartar 02_zpsbd1oka9s.jpg

From the front, to the back. The open case back reveals the Calibre 1400. What is interesting is the amount of open space at the back for customisation like personalised engraving.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Case Back 01_zpsxqibd5wj.jpg

The manual winding Calibre 1400 is made up of 98 components and is 20.65 mm thick. Movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and has an almost 40-hour power reserve. The movement is hand-crafted according to the stringent criteria governing the Hallmark of Geneva.
 photo VC Metiers dArt Elegance Sartoriale Case Back 03_zpsrrdrymcz.jpg

So which one is your fav? Personally, I like the both the Tartan and Herringbone motif. I'm partial to blue and I am sure these motifs are also pretty sought after. But I have to say this too - the Prince of Wales check motif looks a lot nicer in the metal. But that is just me. I strongly suggest you head down to the Vacheron Constantin Boutique to view the pieces yourself.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Deserved Winner at GPHG - MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

The Legacy Machine Perpetual was launched in 2015 and what an impact it made.

 photo LM Perpetual 20_zpswuoydvkd.jpg

Max and his friends certainly know how to make the complicated look as good as it does. Clean, uncluttered yet sophisticated. I can’t put my finger on it, but despite the high complication of the mechanism, the look just works for me. A gorgeous art piece in my humble opinion.
 photo LM Perpetual 14_zpsjgmx67xg.jpg

This year, the 2016 edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie De Genève honoured Max Busser’s Legacy Machine Perpetual with the Calendar Watch Prize. And what a field that was competing in this category - LM Perpetual, H Moser & Cie’s Endeavour Perpetual One Concept Funky Blue, Chopard’s L.U.C Perpetual Chrono, Bovet’s Virtuoso VII Retrograde perpetual calendar just to name a few. Strong field but the LM Perpetual came out tops. Not surprised…
 photo LM Perpetual 13_zpscztfqgo0.jpg

The beauty of the LM Perpetual is the fact that many perpetual calendar timepieces use the sub-dial layout but while MB&F adopted a similar sub-dial layout, he also designed it with an “open work” concept. Brilliant!

Congrats to Max Busser and the talented Stephen McDonnell for the win! Thoroughly well deserved.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

GAÏA Prize 2016 - Vianney Halter Honoured!

2016 marks another milestone for talented watchmaker Vianney Halter as he is awarded the GAÏA PRIZE by the Musée International d’Horlogerie of la Chaux-de-Fonds in the Craftsmanship and Creation category. The following is a press release from the man himself.

 photo Vianney Gaia Office_zpsks0ybkjs.jpg

Vianney Halter was born in Suresnes, in Paris outskirts, in 1963. His father was a train driver for French National Railways. In his oldest memories, he remembers his father bringing home old machines and mechanical parts that fascinated him. In a way, early exposure to powerful locomotives, steam engines and control instruments might be the origin of Vianney‘s attraction to mechanics and engineering.

 photo Vianney Antiqua and Classic 01_zpsuwzir4xe.jpg

 photo Vianney Goldpfeil 01_zps3fij6o1o.jpg

At the age of fourteen he set his mind on deepening his knowledge of mechanics, took the train to the capital and enrolled himself at the Ecole Horlogère de Paris (Paris Watchmaking School). After graduating in 1980, Vianney Halter spent the first ten years of his professional life restoring antique horological items. This gave him a broad knowledge about the art of horology.

 photo Vianney Classic 01_zpsgyofrvrc.jpg

Being independent since 1994, he produced various timepieces for famous brands such as Harry Winston, Breguet and Audemars Piguet, among others. Starting 1998, he also dreamt up and developed his own collection of wristwatches. His creations have been welcomed as avant-garde pieces and are considered as instigators of a new trend in watchmaking. Vianney makes atypical timepieces in a stunningly traditional manner, using his unique style, his own technical patents and trademarked designs.

 photo Vianney Antiqua 02_zpsyesn5waa.jpg

As a matter of fact, when he presented his first model, the Antiqua Perpetual Calendar in 1998, the watch was immediately regarded as a “relic from the future”. This enabled him to assert his creativity and granted him access to the AHCI. In the following years, Vianney Halter created 10 different wristwatch models. However, the high level of craftsmanship keeps the production at a confidential level, as less than 500 watches bearing Vianney Halter’s signature were ever produced.

 photo VH-DST_Tourbillon_zps4m5cogma.jpg

In 2013 he unveiled his new creation, the Deep Space Tourbillon: a futuristic three-axis Tourbillon under a crystal dome. As with the Antiqua, Vianney innovated and created general surprise with a previously unseen mechanism and bold design. These 22 years of independence spent perpetuating watchmaking art and his contribution to the contemporary horological landscape have won him eight prizes. The quality of his expertise placed him as one of the 64 players who were selected for the White Book of the FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie). The white book aims to delineate the idea and principles of Haute Horlogerie.

Vianney at his office.
 photo Vianney At Office_zpstjlto5c3.jpg

 photo Vianney Antiqua 03_zps8ozalrn5.jpg

2016 Laureat GAÏA Prize - Message from Vianney

It’s a great pleasure to share with you the following news: I have been awarded GAÏA PRIZE by the Musée International d’Horlogerie of la Chaux-de-Fonds, on Tuesday, along with the historian Roger Smith, professor Giovanni Busca and entrepreneur Pascal Rochat.

 photo Vianney At Work BW_zpsocgvlbaz.jpg

The jury has designated me as the 2016 laureate in the Craftsmanship-Creation category for my “contribution to the renewal of aesthetic and technical codes in contemporary watchmaking, showing a respect for craftsmanship, without ever making concessions to conformism”.

 photo Vianney Goldpfeil 02_zpsmkmb0mo2.jpg

I’ve been touched by these arguments as they refer to my global way of working. This represents the recognition of years of research, ideas, development, independence and perseverance in fighting for a compromise less horology. I love to create crazy time machines, spend time with antique things, seek, understand, fix, deconstruct, rebuild... and this distinction incite me to continue in this way. Reward my all career motivate me to boldly carry on exploring and seek out in horology universe.

 photo Vianney Classic 03_zpszpjxghnw.jpg

It is also for me the occasion to thank the GAÏA jury and the Musée International d’Horlogerie for this precious award, attributed in a totally independence and neutrality. Attributed since twenty years at the autumn equinox, the GAÏA PRIZE prevails as a reference in the time measurement vast world and honours prominent figures who have contributed and who contribute to the reputation of watchmaking, through its history, its technology and its industry. It annually recognises the considerable and undeniable contribution that its prizewinners have made to watchmaking, to its knowledge and culture.

 photo Vianney Antiqua 04_zpsxzvaiegh.jpg

A distinction rather than a Prize, therefore a spontaneous application is not possible; applications presented by third parties allow the members of the Jury, prominent figures from Switzerland and abroad from various fields, to assess each contribution on a neutral basis and to choose a winner. The independence of the Jury is granted by its President, the Curator of the Musée International d’Horlogerie.

 photo Vianney Antiqua 01_zpstahhklk0.jpg

Message from Eddie

Congratulations to Vianney Halter on his winning the GAÏA Prize. Definitely a worthy winner given that he has devoted so much to Haute Horlogerie and designing some of the most iconic pieces.

 photo Vianney Gaia Ceremony_zpsbfxxxw9t.jpg

I have done the a few posts on the timepieces by Vianney. Starting with the Antiqua Perpetual Calendar and also the Goldpfeil Jumping Hours Moonphase. Both timepieces belong to good friends of mine.

While most of his timepieces are already out of production, Vianney still produces the Deep Space, The Antiqua Perpetual Calendar, the Trio Grande Date and the Classic Janvier Moon & Sun.

Text as provided for my Vianney and all watch pictures are mine except those of the Deep Space.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Unique Timepieces and Customisation

Some time back in 2009, I met a Singaporean watch enthusiast who wanted to start his own watch brand.

Reeds Tan started Reedsco shortly after our meeting. Prior to our meeting, Reed was already tinkering with customised timepieces. His earlier works were focused much on developing customised dial for timepieces with cushion shaped cases.
 photo Reedsco 14_zpsquvndvk0.jpg

This timepiece comes with a customised python skin strap made by another friend of mine Jason of JnS. The timepiece comes with a screw-in crown for better water resistance.
 photo Reedsco 01_zpsrcml6nmf.jpg

He first started with a "rusty" dial type and then became more adventurous playing with different techniques and experimenting with different mediums. I actually purchased one of them "rusties" but passed it to a friend who had taken a liking of that special piece.
 photo Reedsco 02_zps25xvst8a.jpg

This is one of his later dials, having improved his technique to develop new texture. He tells me it takes it at least one to two weeks to experiment and through trial and error develop specific dial colours.
 photo Reedsco 03_zpsmwjgtxgm.jpg

And the close up of the sandwich dial. Why sandwich you ask? Well the bottom base (white) is luminous and the top dial is textured and placed above the luminous dial like a sandwich. At night, the luminous bottom lights up.
 photo Reedsco 04_zpsuny1qk7r.jpg

It takes lots of practice and patience to develop a dial like this one. Well finished.
 photo Reedsco 05_zpsswkbvssm.jpg

Over time, Reed developed his technique for making lume on his timepieces.
 photo Reedsco 15_zpsmmwlyknl.jpg

And another of his experiment yielded "The Pyramid". Seen here with a strap made from a baseball mitt.
 photo Reedsco 06_zpsmt17uwxu.jpg

According to Reed, he discovered the pyramid dial by accident. It was an experiment "gone wrong" but as with all good inventors, you make do with the circumstances and turn it around. Turn it around he did and he came up with "The Pyramid" dial.
 photo Reedsco 07_zpsh4wqimr1.jpg

Nice texture and colours on the dial. Blessing in disguise I guess. Reed tells me I have the first two pyramid timepieces he made. Let's call them Number 1 and Number 2!
 photo Reedsco 08_zpsjxif7zr5.jpg

A close up of the sandwich dial - well painted and finished.
 photo Reedsco 09_zpsplfpc8ry.jpg
 photo Reedsco 10_zps7cfqzc3q.jpg

And the lume on the pyramid dial.
 photo Reedsco 16_zpsivnynelj.jpg

Now for the case back. The open case back reveals a UNITAS calibre movement. Robust and reliable.
 photo Reedsco 12_zpsvkvk7jm1.jpg

And decently finished too. At least Reed is honest about his work. He tells you what movement he uses, where he sources it from. He does not use an unfinished movement, hide it under a solid case back and hope no one finds out. And oh... gives it a nice sounding name and makes it a Limited Edition and charges you an enormous amount of money!
 photo Reedsco 11_zpslcqf2lx4.jpg

And just so we can wear similar pieces, I had one made for missus - in pink no less and with a red hornback croco strap.
Reedsco Pinky photo ReedWatchPinky01_zpsb5d6ac56.jpg

These are trendy pieces and are good value for money. Reed makes them affordable - that has always been his goal. To make timepieces that are reliable and affordable. With his Reedsco range, he is fulfilling that dream.