Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Romain Jerome - More Than Titanic DNA

The Romain Jerome range is rather extensive - far beyond the Titanic DNA range we are so familiar with. Two watches featured here - one a complication and another a cultural link to the past.

Mr Manuel Emch of Romain Jerome told me an interesting story of how the Moon Orbiter came to being.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter06_zps8aa2e9c9.jpg

It started with the lugs - yes, the lugs! He wanted a watch lug to be exceptional and comfortable for the wearer so they started with the lugs and how the lugs integrate into the case. The lugs look like pneumatic cylinders of a car suspension system.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter04_zpsd714f933.jpg

The watch initially came with a time only concept but the more time they took to develop the watch, the more they felt the need to add a complication and thereby finally incorporating a flying tourbillon! Some moon dust has been incorporated into the blacken dial of the watch. The watch case has elements from the Apollo 11 space shuttle.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter02_zps4d00ec4d.jpg

At the six o'clock position is a power reserve and like the hour and minutes hands are red lacquered. The flying tourbillon resembles a space craft orbiting. The open case back displays the rotor and parts of the watch mechanism.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter03_zps06fb9fc7.jpg

On the left side of the watch case features a window that showcases the orbiting tourbillon.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter05_zps2666eafa.jpg

And here is a wristshot of the 44.5mm x 48.5mm watch which is limited to 25 pieces.
Romain Jerome Moon DNA Moon Orbiter photo RomainJeromeMoonDNAMoonOrbiter07_zps353dc7e1.jpg

What comes next harks back to the days when we spent much time at the games arcade playing games like Pacman. Pacman must be one of the most recognizable games even today and has spawned several merchandize. RJ thought it was a good idea to bring back Pacman Fever to reach a different group of watch enthusiasts. Even the presentation box is made to look like a game console. Enter Games DNA.
Romain Jerome Games DNA Pacman photo RomainJeromeGamesDNAPacman01_zpsf3206328.jpg

The Pacman has some special features like a lug system consisting of a ball-and-socket joint resembling those of the lunar module. The case is made from steel fused with some elements of the Apollo 11.
Romain Jerome Games DNA Pacman photo RomainJeromeGamesDNAPacman02_zps7211f038.jpg

The dial is a three layered dial construction and in engraved with a pixelated matrix. The case has elements from the Apollo 11. In this edition, the "ghosts" are blackened while another version has the "monsters" in their traditional colors - pink, red, orange and blue. There is even a version with the cherries. How is that for details.
Romain Jerome Games DNA Pacman photo RomainJeromeGamesDNAPacman04_zps51ea2878.jpg

At the case back is a section of the moon as visible from Geneva. The moon is made from moon rock fused with silver. RJ calls it Moon Silver. The Pacman comes in several iterations all limited.
Romain Jerome Games DNA Pacman photo RomainJeromeGamesDNAPacman05_zpsb64d2096.jpg

Another well known game Space Invaders is also featured under the Games DNA range. Here is one example of the purple Space Invader. There are a total of 7 types of Space Invader with each being a Limited Edition.
Romain Jerome Games DNA Space Invaders photo RomainJeromeGamesDNASpaceInvaders01_zps61acdbf1.jpg

The red buttons of the games console are original buttons from the arcade consoles and RJ has kept stock of these buttons. When you repeated hit the buttons like you would firing at the aliens, you get the same sound of the original console. How cool is that?

The artistic touch of CEO Manuel Emch is evident in the watches of Romain Jerome. He likes to bring cultures together through his work but at the same time wants to challenge boundaries in what he calls positive provocation. Take a read at my earlier post on other Romain Jerome timepieces.