Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mr. Range - Story of The Singapore Lange Connoisseurs Lunch

The Singapore Lange Connoisseurs Lunch was hosted by Michelle and her dedicated team from Lange Singapore. And the lunch was hosted at Yakitori Enmaru at Ion.

Like they say, some things are lost in translation. For example the name… Mr. Lange became Mr. Range.
Mr. Range photo LangeLunch14Nov201301_zps9585848b.jpg

I thought it was cute so I took a wrist shot of my companions… venture a guess whose wrists/watches these are?
Mr Range Wristshot photo LangeLunch14Nov201302_zpsb70c2d74.jpg

And then my Range 1 on a Lange stand...
Mr. Range & Lange 1 photo LangeLunch14Nov201303_zps4113db4a.jpg

Seated beside me is the owners of a Rose Gold Black Dial Datograph. My preferred combination for the Datograph. Some call it the Dufour Datograph or the Dufourgraph. I absolutely love this watch. Just waiting for the right time when it is available and at the right price. Although it is not a Limited Edition piece, the RGBD version is rather rare.
Dato & Number 1 photo LangeLunch14Nov201305_zps8f117007.jpg

And perhaps the oldest Lange at the gathering that afternoon. A Lange pocket watch with an enamel dial. Serial number has it dated back to 1908.
Mr. Range & The Pocket Watch photo LangeLunch14Nov201306_zpsc38285a2.jpg

And before I forget why we were there, here is the food! Peter ordered the Chirashi sushi.
Food Glorious Food photo LangeLunch14Nov201307_zps0b6fe971.jpg

Larry had the ginger pork.
Food Glorious Food photo LangeLunch14Nov201308_zps6e9365b8.jpg

Terence had the beef. Understand the beef is tender and well cooked.
Food Glorious Food photo LangeLunch14Nov201309_zpsefa7ce73.jpg

Kee Siew and I had the yakitori. Good stuff since this is after all a Yakitori restaurant.
Food Glorious Food photo LangeLunch14Nov201310_zps96340910.jpg

And the band of brothers! Chap kor anyone?
Brothers at lunch photo LangeLunch14Nov201311_zps94a7bb62.jpg

Brothers in arms. I love the 1815 - slim and elegant.
Hands of brothers photo LangeLunch14Nov201312_zps9ddf22cf.jpg

And before we knew it, lunch was over and we headed down to the Ion Boutique. Couldn't resist so I asked for all the brothers to lay down their watches…a million dollar tray.
Million Dollar Tray photo LangeLunch14Nov201313_zps265a7791.jpg

A different look at the watches on display.
Million Dollar Table photo LangeLunch14Nov201314_zps7072fca6.jpg

A trio of Datograph - how often you see so many versions of the Datograph. For a moment, we had more variety than the boutique.
Trio of Datograph photo LangeLunch14Nov201315_zpsc82106dc.jpg

And the highlight of the tray must be the Lange 1 Tourbillon. One can only dream of owning such a rare beauty. So I admire only...
Lange 1 Tourbillon photo LangeLunch14Nov201316_zpsb0ba4026.jpg

Many thanks again to the team from A. Lange & Sohne. Hope we can do another one real soon. In the meantime, I continue to dream about the Lange 1 Tourbillon and search for the RGBD Datograph.