Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Friday Again - Seven Times a Week!

SevenFriday - a rather odd name for a brand. But I guess if you wanted to make a seriously fun watch, why not give it a fun name too?

TGIF - Thank God Its Friday is probably the most apt description of the philosophy of the brand. Why have one Friday when you can have Seven of it in a week? Hence the name SevenFriday. The watch design gets their inspiration from industrial design - printing machines I believe. Comes in a square boxy shape, they have three lines the P1, P2 and P3. Featured here is the P2-1 Industrial Revolution.
SevenFriday Grey Rose Gold photo SevenFridaysGreyRG01_zps5ee22c26.jpg

The watch comes in a wooden box with the words "Fresh from the press". Very industrial looking and definitely befitting the design.
SevenFriday Grey Rose Gold photo SevenFridaysGreyRG08_zps3f16cf16.jpg

The P2-1 comes with a dark grey PVD coated steel case, the ring is rose gold and gives a nice contrast. The seconds subdial (disc) is located at the 5 O'Clock position and the 24 Hours indicator disc at the 9 O'Clock. It also features an opening at 7 O'Clock to show off the balance wheel giving the watch a nice animation feel to it.
SevenFriday Grey Rose Gold photo SevenFridaysGreyRG05_zpsb2e38786.jpg

The back is closed with the engraving showing the details of the watch. Beating inside is a Miyota 82S7 movement and they are not shy about stating the origins of the movement.
SevenFriday Grey Rose Gold photo SevenFridaysGreyRG06_zps1d8ea9e1.jpg

I am rather surprised by the level of finish for a watch in this price category. I think it is great value for money unlike many other Swiss brands who charge substantially more just because it is "Swiss Made".
SevenFriday Grey Rose Gold photo SevenFridaysGreyRG03_zpsb0ec94eb.jpg

I also bought the P1-2, the Pure White. To me, it represents the purity of the range.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite03_zps5e3814fa.jpg

Not only is the watch case white, the matching leather strap is also white.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite02_zps913a31e1.jpg

As with all the other models, the 7 O'Clock window shows the balance wheel in action.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite06_zps476e1ea1.jpg

The steel buckle has the words engraved on the back.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite09_zps75438816.jpg

Personally, I prefer the Pure White. I don't normally like white watches but in the case of the SevenFriday P1-2, fell in love with it at first sight.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite01_zps90a8b475.jpg

Somehow, the overall white dial with gold indices and black words work for me.
SevenFriday White photo SevenFridaysWhite04_zps81b55261.jpg

I also like the Limited Edition P3-2 which comes with a Canadian wood case ring. Long sold out, I continue to hunt this one down. But from a legibility perspective, the Pure White is the one for me. For more information check out their website SevenFriday.