Monday, December 23, 2013

Markus Lehmann - A New Manufacture?

Markus Lehmann - not a name familiar to me. I was introduced to Lehmann Schramberg watches by a Thai friend and so I started doing some research about the man and the brand.

Lehmann Prazision as it turns out is more associated with ultra-precise mechanisms in the areas of aviation, optics, solar energy and medical technology. Then Lehmann moved into producing parts for watch brands and subsequently established the Lehmann Watch Manufactory in the area of Schramberg, Germany.

What Lehmann wants to achieve is using high precision tools to manufacture watch parts like the dials, hands and base plates. The bridges it seems are made by ultra-precision milling machines that produces accurate engravings. Here I feature the Pointer Date version of the Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal. The watch measures 42mm and this example comes in stainless steel with extended lugs.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate01_zpsf1c98e60.jpg

The date display is unlike any others I have seen before. It uses a window which moves under the main dial. The hands are precisely cut and so are the markers and the dial.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate03_zps2dbce525.jpg

Another look at the pointer date and the engraving on the dial. Precise, clean cut and clinical.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate11_zps8e30428c.jpg

At the back reveals the Caliber LS 0004 featuring the Vianney Halter invisible rotor. A rather well finished movement.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date Calibre LS0004 photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate06_zpsb07b54f3.jpg

In a collaboration with Andreas Strehler, Lehmann developed the recessed crown. When not in use, the crown can be pushed into the case for protection. This development is patent pending. Shown here with the crown popped out.
Popped out Crown photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate14_zpsebc7b979.jpg

A look at the back bridges shows the same level of clinical finishing - precise but lacking the "hand-finished" feel.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate12_zps403056d7.jpg

In line with the precision promise, all Lehmann watches come Chronometer Certified. Watches comes with a stainless steel folding clasp of rather high quality and this watch comes with an alligator strap.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Folding Clasp photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate09_zps9d484e26.jpg

The lugs are also rather special - being integrated into the case and extending out. But that is where I have a beef - they make the watch too big for my tiny wrist and the strap does not wrap well around my wrist.
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date Calibre LS0004 photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate08_zpsf06ac2a5.jpg

A wrist shot of the watch. See how the lugs extend the watch to the edge of the hand?
Lehmann Schramberg Intemporal Pointer Date photo LehmannSchrambergIntemporalDate10_zps9380ccd8.jpg

Overall, it is a well made watch but lacking in emotion. Clinical is the one word I will use to describe the watch. For more information, visit Lehmann's website.