Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Longines Heritage Chronograph

The Longines Heritage Chronograph is perhaps one of the most affordable single push button column wheel chronograph on the market.

I recently featured the Heritage Chronograph in another post. Here are two of the three models close up.

First the monopusher Chronograph featuring a pulsometric scale reference L2.800.4.23.2.
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 16_zpsisfypuky.jpg

Clean white lacquer dial...
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 04_zpsufgcylry.jpg

Very legible and the glossy lacquer makes it even more so.
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 03_zpsti9lqs3o.jpg

The accompanying brown leather strap has an orange backing. Very contrasting and very pretty!
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 06_zpsis0h2qgy.jpg
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 02_zpsrmyuwklx.jpg

Next comes the two toned dial version reference L2.800.4.26.2 which comes without the pulsometric scale.
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 09_zps3ycyowjk.jpg

I like this version the best... clean. And the slightly greyish blue toned lacquer dial is just perfectly executed.
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 15_zpspjpojfqm.jpg
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 10_zps1wxo6lzq.jpg

Also comes with a leather strap and orange back.
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 13_zpscuqg0ea2.jpg

So which one do you prefer? The white lacquered dial with a pulsometric scale or the clean two toned dial?
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 01_zpsy3mpq4yo.jpg
 photo Logines Heritage Chronograph 12_zpsw8ukc7ze.jpg

Then there is the black dial version (reference L2.800.4.53.0) which is also very versatile as a day time turned night formal timepiece. Head down to the Longines Boutique or to Watches of Switzerland to try one and perhaps get one for the Chinese New Year. I assure you the timepiece is very affordable. The white lacquered dial L2.800.4.23.2 retails for S$4,770 while the two toned L2.800.4.26.2 retails for S$4,930 inclusive of GST.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The H Moser Endeavour Small Seconds - Pretty In Pink

The mother of pearl dial when executed well adds to a timepiece. Such is the case with the H Moser Endeavour small seconds.

On top of the the mother of pearl dial, the diamond encrusted bezel brings the simple three handed timepiece to another level of attractiveness. The Endeavour also known as the Mayu is not new but this particular model rarely seen. When executed well, the dial outshines the normal dial as it changes from a light shade to a darker shade of depending on the lighting condition and the angle of the light source.
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 07_zpsgqvgveaz.jpg

From a lighter pastel pink to a darker shade of pink.
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 08_zpswezcf0ch.jpg

The handcrafted sculptured mother of pearl dial under different lighting conditions.
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 09_zps9xeqmssj.jpg
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 10_zpsdpgoh10d.jpg

A really pretty package - Pretty In Pink!
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 03_zpsw3mpnzeh.jpg

The timepiece is well made - the indices are well finished and the quality comes through on the 12.
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 02_zpspft524kl.jpg

I can understand why the ladies will love this piece... pretty in all the right places. A white gold case with 84 diamonds around the bezel and the lugs too.
 photo Moser Mayu Diamonds 06_zps0kt7sans.jpg

The timepiece comes with a manual winding in-house HMC321 movement with three days power reserve. Case diameter is 39mm - perfect on the wrist of the Asian lady.

Moser makes some rather iconic timepieces one of which is the Perpetual One which I covered in another post. The new Concept Watch is also another step in the right direction - less being more. Classy really!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Longines - Making a Strong Comeback!

With the new Heritage Single Push Piece Chronograph, Longines is again moving in the right direction. And what a comeback piece!

The monopusher collection gets its inspiration from their vintage piece. They have three timepieces in their current collection - the Longines Pulsometer Chronograph with the black and another the white dial plus the Heritage Chronograph - without the Pulsometric scale. All timepieces are 40mm - very comfortable to wear IMHO.

The Longines Pulsometer Chronograph reference L2.800.4.23.2 with the white lacquer dial.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 08_zpsinj79lno.jpg

The Longines Pulsometer Chronograph reference L2.800.4.53.0 with the black dial.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 06_zpsp8x8usp6.jpg

The Pulsometer scale allows a medical professional to take the heart rate reliably and quickly by using the scale. Instead of taking one minute, the scale allows the user to take the heart rate in 30 beats instead. And this invention was developed in the 1920s.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 09_zpspbvztlg1.jpg

The white lacquer dial is beautifully done and is adorned with painted black Arabic numerals that makes the piece very legible.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 10_zpsf4l1xm7s.jpg

The black dial version is a little more "usual" - honestly, I prefer the white dial version.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 07_zpsmowgepnx.jpg

The pick for me is the Heritage Single Push Piece Chronograph reference L2.800.4.26.2.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 01_zpsultri0yw.jpg

This piece has a two-toned dial and one part made from white lacquer and the other a grey tinged lacquer.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 03_zpszrkjg2sx.jpg

Devoid of the Pulsometric scale, I find this "cleaner" look more appealing. And what about the movement? Well the collection comes with an automatic column wheel chronograph movement.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 04_zpsa38ppkaj.jpg

Top class finishing it is not but still decent given the price range of this collection. The column wheel chronograph movement is produced exclusively for Longines.
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 11_zps6wu8zhw7.jpg

The 40mm monopusher chronograph is well priced at around US$3,400. And I clearly think it is a winner!
 photo Longines Heritage Monopusher Chrono 02_zps7505dnlx.jpg

I believe this range will take to collectors and also will be on many collectors' wish lists. I also posted about the Montblanc Villeret Vintage Pulsographe which also has a Pulsometric scale but the pricing is way higher than this Longines monopusher.

Photos taken by iPhone 6S.