Saturday, September 27, 2014

Omega Speedmaster - The Moon Watch Apollo 15

The Omega Speedmaster Pro - dubbed it the Moon Watch. According to Omega, the Speedy is the only watch that has gone to the moon and back.

Iconic is how I will describe this watch and a friend of mine happen to purchase this release - the Apollo 15 version of the Speedmaster Pro. I had actually bought it for myself but my friend had wanted this so I gave it up - but not before shooting some photos of this piece.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1502_zps4ae06989.jpg

This version comes with a presentation box with the badge.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1513_zps5f6a9de1.jpg

What makes the watch a little more outstanding is the colored rings on the sub-dial. And on closer examination, you can also see the Omega logo etched on the front glass.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1511_zps60ddca00.jpg

Overall a nice package.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1510_zps6de1aad4.jpg
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1508_zps44065938.jpg

And I hunt for the Apollo 15 again.