Friday, September 12, 2014

Master Batman - The Rolex GMT

Officially, Rolex calls it reference 116710BLNR but fans of the brand nickname the version "Batman" due to the blue and black color combination on the bezel.

The Rolex GMT Master II as with all Rolex watches are functional, honest watches. Made for a specific purpose - to provide multi-time zones on a single wristwatch.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan01_zps33fd1163.jpg
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan03_zpsa3c18536.jpg

The bezel is ceramic and comes in two tones - black and blue to tell the difference between night and day.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan07_zps97605d94.jpg

What I really like about this version is the color combination and you can't tell where the black ends and where the blue actually begins. So well made the bezel is I can hardly tell.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan08_zpsb32dfe20.jpg

The dial is made of lacquer and it clearly shows in the reflection on the watch.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan02_zps155a3f26.jpg

See the slightly blue tinge on the markers and the luminous parts of the hands. Taken under slightly low light conditions.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan10_zps445a57d6.jpg

A nice package, a well made watch and definitely on many people's wish list.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan05_zpsc29dbcbb.jpg
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan06_zpscfb6cc30.jpg

Currently selling like hot cakes. I wish this were mine but it is not.

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