Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Close Up with the Speedy Tuesday

The Moonwatch or the Speedmaster Professional is well known also as Speedy. At some point in time, someone coined the term Speedy Tuesday and the nickname has since been used the world over.

Speedy Tuesday caused quite a stir in the world of horology. For one, no watch has been sold by a major brand directly online in a "first-com-first-serve" manner. When the folks at Omega launched Speedy Tuesday, little did they expect it to be such a hit - I believe it was sold within 24 hours of the launch.

This Speedy Tuesday takes its roots from the Speedmaster Alaska III model. While the original version has an all black dial, the new release features a two tone dial - a black dial with white sub-dials - what is also known as the "Reverse Panda".

Handsome, me thinks! Somehow, the Speedy Tuesday evokes that vintage feel - new yet old. And if you compare the Omega logo underneath the 12 marker, the thicker logo is reminiscent of the earlier year Speedies.

The radial sub-dial is another feature not found on the regular Speedmaster Pro series and lends a nice touch to the Speedy Tuesday.

But what is evident is the Omega logo underneath the domed hesalite crystal - that "secret" emblem of the Speedmaster Pro series.

Similar Omega logo on the "regular" Speedmaster Pro and also the black dial and sub-dials.

The solid case back is different from the regular piece - clearly making a statement to Speedy Tuesday and the links to the Speedmaster Project Alaska III. Shown here is the prototype piece making its rounds. Notice the word RADIAL on the case back of the Speedy Tuesday - the reason for this is because of the radial sub-dials in the Alaska III timepiece. Omega had made some modifications after consultation with NASA astronauts and the result was the radial sub-dial. The radial sub-dial improved legibility and it ensured an easier and more accurate way of reading the chronograph's elapsed timing results.

The release of the Speedy Tuesday was limited to 2012 examples and are all accounted for. The timepiece comes with two straps - a brown vintage leather strap and a back and white NATO strap. Many of us are on the wait list but I am sure for those who managed to snag a piece, they won't let go. But pray someone do give it up... I'm waiting!