Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Murano Glass - What About Murano Glass Watch?

Murano in Italy is famous for their Murano glass which is an art form unique to the town of Murano. We visited Venice, Italy and in one of our boat rides visited the small island town of Murano - famed for their glass making.

But surprisingly, there is little collaboration between the glass industry and the watchmaking industry so when we came across a mechanical timepiece featuring the Murano glass as dials, we jumped at it of course. Not one, not two but three of these timepieces!
 photo Murano08_zps6ccceef2.jpg
 photo Murano05_zps33b18663.jpg

Because each dial is handmade and the different substances (quantity and colour) added manually, no two dials are alike - similar in colour combination but definitely unique in their own ways.
 photo Murano03_zps39c35474.jpg

Upon closer examination, you can see the vibrant colours of the glass and also the transparency that allows one to also see a little of the movement behind.
 photo Murano09_zps49c1fd47.jpg

Perfect for ladies as they can choose each timepiece to match their outfits. See how "deep" the glass motifs are? The three dimensional motif is the signature of Murano glass.
 photo Murano06_zps894d450b.jpg

The open case back shows a mechanical skeletonised movement. Nothing fancy, just functional.
 photo Murano07_zps8be55f6e.jpg
 photo Murano04_zpsd91ae391.jpg

I can hardly find these timepieces anywhere since then. Would the ladies wear something like this? My wife does so I am wondering if it is because no one has really marketed this timepiece?
 photo Murano02_zps49339951.jpg

Maybe it is time for a Murano Glass manufacturer to co-operate with a watch manufacture and come up with a line. Perhaps the next Swatch?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lange One Tourbillon - An Icon Made More Iconic

The Lange One is the icon of the brand so when Lange decided to develop a tourbillon around this piece, it sure will be a stunning piece.

I am lucky enough to know a friend who owns of these beauties - the Lange One Tourbillon. As with all things Lange, the finishing and aesthetics are beautiful.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon03_zps0125c022.jpg

And the movement side is a stunner too.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon06_zps7862ce44.jpg

And the hand engraved balance cock is exquisitely executed.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon07_zps5da89d2e.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon05_zps96e88edf.jpg

The level of finishing on the movement is as one would expect from the House of Lange. The watch is in platinum and limited to 150 pieces worldwide.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon22_zpsd2a49186.jpg

The timepiece has all the signature of the Lange One - off centre dial, large date and the power reserve indicator. A rather beautiful timepiece IMHO.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon02_zps7e5fa13b.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon17_zps07ffda93.jpg

The tourbillon is located on the right side of the timepiece and well finished too.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon20_zpsf361b846.jpg

A close up of the tourbillon. And the "jewel" at the top of the tourbillon is a diamond!
 photo LangeOneTourbillon29_zpsdd3b5ba7.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon30_zps44d7fc4a.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon11_zps791c4adf.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon10_zpsd16c70c1.jpg

A simple yet stunning timepiece.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon18_zpsbcdf5a4a.jpg

The next is to find the Cabaret Tourbillon which is the first tourbillon to incorporate a hacking mechanism which is a Lange Patent.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hublot Big Bang 10

Staging up world’s largest Hublot Pop Up Store with a Big Bang. Celebrating Hublot’s Big Bang 10th Anniversary Coinciding with Singapore’s 50th Birthday!

Succeeding Singapore’s 50th golden jubilee is Hublot’s pop up store that will stand from the 16th–26th August right in the heart of Orchard Road at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. Inhabiting a space of at least 1,050 square metres and towering at 7-metres tall, this emporium will be Hublot’s largest venture globally.

“Hublot loves Singapore! With the help of our long-time partner and leading watch retailer, The Hour Glass, Hublot’s presence has stayed strong in Singapore for more than 30 years and we are honoured to be part of Singapore’s jubilation as we also celebrate our own success with the iconic Big Bang this year,” says Mr Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

He continues, “10 years have passed since we unveiled the very first Big Bang, the perfect illustration of the Art of Fusion philosophy so dear to Hublot. This iconic design of the award winning Big Bang, is now a watchmaking icon. And this latest blueprint by The Hour Glass will continue to celebrate this achievement.”
 photo Hublot Big Bang Ten 02_zpsbj6pjaha.jpg

Celebrating a Decade of Big Bang The spirit of Hublot, the Art of Fusion will be celebrated with a unique showcase of exclusive limited editions by Hublot available at the pop-up store. And not just so in the world of time-telling but in other objet d’arts and lifestyle gears at a specially curated accessory bar.

Visitors can expect innovative and playful interactive displays that will take them through a virtual journey around Hublot’s watchmaking universe, examining the brand’s DNA and revealing the stories behind Hublot unique design, innovation and craftsmanship. “This latest instalment is a mark of The Hour Glass’s commitment to continue growing Hublot’s presence in our region – making it one of our biggest and most important project to date. As Singapore’s leading watch retailer, we are also honouring a prominent chapter in our nation’s history by presenting the Singapore audience with a series of exclusive limited edition timepieces developed by Hublot,” comments Mr. Michael Tay, Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass Limited.

Hublot “Red Dot” Bang! – A Fitting Tribute to Singapore

The pop - up store will inaugurate a set of limited edition timepieces that is exclusive to Singapore. Coined the “Red Dot” Bang by Singapore’s most popular playwright, Mr Michael Chiang. He muses, “The term "little red dot" came about after our country was dismissed once as nothing more than ‘a little red dot’ yet here we are celebrating our Nation’s 50th! Indeed such a name is befitting of this very special timepiece created by Hublot for our country, and especially so with the red ’10’ index that appears to be a ‘little red dot’ on the watch face.”
 photo Hublot Big Bang Ten 01_zpsc2v8t9u8.jpg

The “Red Dot” Bang is a 45mm Big Bang introduced in two cases – Hublonium and yellow gold. Hublonium is a unique metal alloy developed by Hublot combining magnesium and aluminium, making it remarkably light while staying durable showcasing Hublot’s pioneering spirit in the field of material engineering. Naturally, the “Red Dot” Bang Hublonium is produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces, tying it back to 50 illustrious years for our nation.

Conversely, a limited 10 pieces of “Red Dot” Bang is produced in a yellow gold case, as a tribute to it being the original noble material of all case materials in watchmaking history.

“Red Dot” Bang is powered with a skeletonized chronograph movement and is paired with an artistically aged leather strap on rubber staying true to the DNA of a Hublot Big Bang. The “grille” dial allows for full admiration of the timepiece’s mechanical movement.

Text and pictures as supplied.

Monday, July 6, 2015

At The Races with Manufacture Vulcain

Vulcain Watches developed the alarm watch in the 1940s and put them into serial production. They are equally well known for their cloisonné enamel dials. So what better way than to put both into one timepiece in the timepiece named “At The Races”.

My friend was lucky enough to get his hands on one such beauty. Housed in a 39mm case, the colors of the timepiece is really what gets at you immediately.
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces13_zpsb026fa6f.jpg

The galloping black beauty can be personalised but in this case, the number 12 was pre-printed on the enamel dial.
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces03_zpsa0d08a61.jpg

The beauty is in the dial of course - the amount of work done on the cloisonné enamel to produce such vibrant colors and the intricacies of the design.
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces05_zps3a59afd8.jpg
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces12_zpsb9b92172.jpg

Limited to 30 pieces, the timepiece is fitted with the Vulcain Alarm V-10 calibre. The movement features a twin barrel - one for the watch and the other for the alarm function.
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces08_zpsd38b9651.jpg

The watch is also rated to 50 metres water resistance and case is in rose gold.
 photo VulcainCricketAtTheRaces02_zpsd3b0de52.jpg

Manufacture Vulcain is one of the few who are well known for their elaborate cloisonné enamel dials. They have several models and I have the luck to own one of them - The Vulcain Cricket Aviator GMT "the Dragon."

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Dragon

To many collectors, finding that special piece is a journey of pain and joy and a friend of mine found the watch he was looking for.

Born in the Year of Dragon under the Chinese zodiac calendar, he was always on the hunt for a piece of significance and found it in the Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Dragon.
 photo HublotDragon01_zps01718615.jpg

The pink gold timepiece is 42mm in size and with gold hands. This series is limited to 50 numbered pieces.
 photo HublotDragon02_zpsee704933.jpg

The Classic Fusion Gold Dragon has a rather interesting dial.
 photo HublotDragon07_zpsda05a141.jpg

The dial looks as if it were speckled with gold dust.
 photo HublotDragon15_zps35f3e1e1.jpg

Another close up look at the dial. I must say the dial is pretty well made.
 photo HublotDragon17_zps32dcfcec.jpg

The timepiece comes with the automatic Calibre HUB11 and also with deployant clasp.
 photo HublotDragon11_zps3e7671a2.jpg

Overall a nice especially for those born in the Year of the Dragon.
 photo HublotDragon14_zpsad6ed53d.jpg

A happy friend is now the proud owner and the last I asked, this is the piece he wears for special occasions. A worthy Gold Dragon I must admit.