Saturday, February 28, 2015

How do you repair a mechanical watch?

My father left me a mechanical timepiece - one he wore all his life and was found in my mum's drawers some time back. It is a Rotary. And until recently, I had wanted to find someone I could trust to have it restored and Sean came to the rescue.

Sean is the brand owner of MoVas watches and I had approached him to see if the watch was still serviceable. First issue Sean encountered was opening the case back. No matter what tools he used, the case back could not be opened? Normally, one would abandon the plan but not Sean. He fabricated a tool to open the case - such is his dedication.
 photo RotaryRework01_zpscad010c4.jpg
 photo RotaryRework02_zps41c9f3d7.jpg

This is a picture of the special tool Sean made just to be able to remove the case back.
 photo RotaryRework08_zpsd58444dd.jpg

And the result?
 photo RotaryRework09_zps3b720270.jpg

And the dial and plexi glass...
 photo RotaryRework05_zps57e70dc0.jpg

Old unserviced movement...
 photo RotaryRework07_zps94476f32.jpg
 photo RotaryRework10_zpsae362f77.jpg
 photo RotaryRework11_zpsd8e75e05.jpg

Unbelievably clean. Sean had it cleaned and regulated and then had it put back again. Sean had tried to clean the dial but I wanted it to be the same condition so it was left untouched. And the final product?
 photo RotaryRework13_zpsb8cb42a3.jpg

What a nice present from Sean - fully cleaned movement and working in good condition too.
 photo RotaryRework14_zps8123c7b7.jpg

And the case back, cleaned and nicely polished. Next thing I need to do is to find a "correct" bracelet as the one my father had was not the original bracelet.

Many thanks again to Sean for a job well done!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vacheron Constantin - Singapore Boutique Exclusive

Vacheron Constantin released the Malte tourbillon openworked Singapore ION Orchard Boutique Exclusive.

To celebrate the opening of its new Singapore Boutique at ION Orchard, Vacheron Constantin presents an exclusive Malte tourbillon openworked model. This creation sets the stage for a demanding complication; with the tourbillon within an entirely openworked shaped calibre – all entirely developed and crafted within the Manufacture, and also bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. A genuine rarity in the realm of Fine Watchmaking; this timepiece is issued in a 3-piece limited edition.
 photo 001P-9842_913941_zpsf8cd52c6.jpg

The very special piece has just arrived in their new ION Boutique located at #02-07. If you have not been to the boutique, I urge you to as there are several marvellous pieces there including this new one.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year

Here's wishing all our friends a Prosperous and Successful Year of the Goat!

 photo CNY2015-02_zps626e9ae2.jpg

May your horological wishes come true this year and be as sweet as the mikan tangerines!

Miss Golden Bridge by Corum

I can see why the Corum Golden Bridge is such an attraction for the ladies - and to put it into a small case? Well this is a winner for me!

Right off the bat, my wife loved the Corum Golden Bridge and when they introduced the Miss Golden Bridge, I thought it would be the perfect gift for her. So I managed to capture some shots of the timepiece. Enjoy!
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge14_zps36dd3bf5.jpg

I have to say that it is rather difficult to take this watch as there is no dial and the case is see through.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge15_zpsb27990b7.jpg

But don't you think this is so unique? Even the side is see through...
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge10_zps32d891da.jpg

Even I like this timepiece!
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge09_zps68109763.jpg

Elegant and unique. And with the right amount of bling too.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge07_zpsd8c7409c.jpg
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge06_zpsef0879a2.jpg

For more reading about what my wife thinks of the watch, read her article published in Deployant.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge13_zps355bfabf.jpg

Enjoy this one last shot. I like this one a lot.

Here's wishing all of you Happy Lunar New Year! May you have a Prosperous and Successful Year of the Goat. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Traveling with my JLC Reverso

This post documents my travel with my JLC Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duo Bleu. One year ago I was traveling to the US and here I am back again. But this post documents my travels last year.

Whenever I travel overseas to places with a different time zone, I have to decide which timepiece to take with me. In many cases, I ended up with the JLC Reverso. So I would like to share some pictures of the watch traveling with me.

Here with me on a flight.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201410_zps6bf64976.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201411_zpsa464b048.jpg

Here with the main course.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201408_zps97ba4c4c.jpg

After a meal settling back for a glass of wine.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201409_zps4bb8cc02.jpg

On this trip, I had visited Monterrey Beach.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201413_zpsbb4e2d3c.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201412_zpsd19da6d9.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201414_zps631d3946.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201415_zpsd83f6ade.jpg

Monterrey beach is really breath-taking and I am planning to return some time. On that trip I also visited Napa Valley - that one to come in another post.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pepsi - The Rolex GMT Master

Rolex fans have a way to name their favourite timepieces - and in this case the GMT Master is called the Pepsi.

I guess it is self evident how the name came about. The bezel is two toned, blue and red.
 photo LDPDXBRolexGMTMaster03_zps8241fd1c.jpg

Just in case you ask why the red is more pinkish than red, well my friend who owns this watch had gone to the pool and this is the work of the chlorine. Blue is still blue, but the red...
 photo LDPDXBRolexGMTMaster02_zps4830102a.jpg

A close up view of the watch.

 photo LDPDXBRolexGMTMaster04_zps673fa70a.jpg
 photo LDPDXBRolexGMTMaster05_zpsbb432c96.jpg

Seen here with my Grand Seiko dual time piece the SBGM003.
 photo LDPDXBRolexGMTMaster06_zps9eccfc46.jpg

The GMT Master is truly a utility timepiece. And an iconic one at that.