Saturday, September 27, 2014

Omega Speedmaster - The Moon Watch Apollo 15

The Omega Speedmaster Pro - dubbed it the Moon Watch. According to Omega, the Speedy is the only watch that has gone to the moon and back.

Iconic is how I will describe this watch and a friend of mine happen to purchase this release - the Apollo 15 version of the Speedmaster Pro. I had actually bought it for myself but my friend had wanted this so I gave it up - but not before shooting some photos of this piece.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1502_zps4ae06989.jpg

This version comes with a presentation box with the badge.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1513_zps5f6a9de1.jpg

What makes the watch a little more outstanding is the colored rings on the sub-dial. And on closer examination, you can also see the Omega logo etched on the front glass.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1511_zps60ddca00.jpg

Overall a nice package.
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1510_zps6de1aad4.jpg
 photo OmegaSpeedmastermoonWatchApollo1508_zps44065938.jpg

And I hunt for the Apollo 15 again.

Monday, September 22, 2014

De Bethune DB9 - Simply Classic

A "modern" De Bethune timepiece is a watch I would really like to own one day. Another "Dream" watch on my list.

For now, I can afford the DB9 and I am loving it. 7 days power reserve to moot.
 photo DeBethuneDB903_zps092fd059.jpg

I am doing some research on the earlier pieces before their debut of the DB15 with their in-house movement and three dimensional moon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Montblanc Villeret 1858 - Chronograph Monopusher

Today, I feature the Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 Vintage Pulsographe Watch.

A few of us were invited to a Montblanc Boutique at Mandarin Gallery some while ago to view some of the collection and I was very much taken by this particular piece. The Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 Vintage Pulsographe Watch.

This version in red gold comes with a black enamel dial - beautifully executed and a very attractive timepiece. And the size - a very wearable 39mm unlike many other in the Villeret range which is far to big for the Asian wrist at 44mm and above. Perhaps it is also the size of the movement that dictates the case. I can't stand a brand that puts small movement into large cases to go with the trend of watches above 44mm.
 photo MontblancMinervaChronoDialSide_zps7dc9e132.jpg

The Villeret collection as I understand uses the Minerva movements of old - Richemont now owns the Minerva company and used the movements for the high-end Villeret collection. Signed Minerva and Villeret on the bridge, the movement is also another beauty in column wheel chronographs.
 photo MontblancMinervaChronoMovementSide_zpsf6ecf870.jpg

The watch comes with a hunter case and is also a monopusher. Also notice how large the balance wheel is.
 photo MontblancMinervaChronoMovementSide02_zpsc8617e82.jpg

Here is the movement on a block featuring the Caliber 16-29. Notice the arrow head on the lever? That arrow head is a signature of Minerva watch movements.
 photo MontblancMinervaChronoMovement_zpse51829d6.jpg

Definitely a nice "Doctor's Watch" - for the wealthy doctor that is. I love the watch - the entire package. If only I could afford it.
 photo MontblancMinervaChronoDialSide02_zps41e82514.jpg

Watch also comes with a white gold version but this one I like more. I love the rose gold black dial combo.

P.S. (Nov2015) - I recently acquired the Villeret 1858 Vintage Pulsographe featured above (rose gold black dial) and realised that I had the wrong movement mentioned in this article. The Vintage Pulsographe features a Minerva movement and is called the Calibre M13-21 whereas the case back in the picture above is the Calibre 16-29. Apologies for the confusion.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Master Batman - The Rolex GMT

Officially, Rolex calls it reference 116710BLNR but fans of the brand nickname the version "Batman" due to the blue and black color combination on the bezel.

The Rolex GMT Master II as with all Rolex watches are functional, honest watches. Made for a specific purpose - to provide multi-time zones on a single wristwatch.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan01_zps33fd1163.jpg
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan03_zpsa3c18536.jpg

The bezel is ceramic and comes in two tones - black and blue to tell the difference between night and day.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan07_zps97605d94.jpg

What I really like about this version is the color combination and you can't tell where the black ends and where the blue actually begins. So well made the bezel is I can hardly tell.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan08_zpsb32dfe20.jpg

The dial is made of lacquer and it clearly shows in the reflection on the watch.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan02_zps155a3f26.jpg

See the slightly blue tinge on the markers and the luminous parts of the hands. Taken under slightly low light conditions.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan10_zps445a57d6.jpg

A nice package, a well made watch and definitely on many people's wish list.
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan05_zpsc29dbcbb.jpg
 photo RolexGMTMasterIIBatMan06_zpscfb6cc30.jpg

Currently selling like hot cakes. I wish this were mine but it is not.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mr. Gerhard Baumgartner - A Chance Encounter

There is such a thing as coincidences in this world.

Read more about my chance encounter at the Deployant website with Mr. Gerhard Baumgartner seen here standing by one of the vintage clocks he restored.
 photo VintageClocksBaumgartner11_zpsb61c3f97.jpg

Mr. Baumgartner may be reached at I thank Mr. Baumgartner for this hospitality and wish him well.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

JnS Handcrafted Strap - a New Location

JnS Handcrafted strap has come a long way and by the looks of things, I believe Jason and Sherron are doing well. They recently moved into a retail space located at Far East Shopping Centre.

The new outlet is catering for the walk-in clientele for their custom handcrafted straps. Also featuring in the new shop are some shoes and bags. They did a "soft-opening" of their outlet on Saturday, 6th Sept at their new location located at #02-23.
 photo JasonsOpening01_zpsfd0014fb.jpg

Customers and friends started streaming in from 12pm onwards and in typical Jason & Sherron style, lots of food and drinks all round. Here's the cake for the occasion.
 photo JasonsOpening02_zps9fe5e08e.jpg

Then it was photo time!
 photo JasonsOpening05_zpsc2ddc3cd.jpg

And if you want to do it in style, have a bottle of the Vintage 2003 Dom Perignon. Its like Jason & Sherron celebrating their wedding… all over again!
 photo JasonsOpening04_zps48e9e008.jpg

So head on down to the new JnS and see the range of straps available. Jason will be more than happy to customize a strap for you. See how much effort a customized strap takes. Congrats to Jason & Sherron again!

JnS Handcrafted Straps

Far East Shopping Centre