Saturday, May 23, 2015

We Never Go Out of Style!

I was watching the Taylor Swift music video Style and the image of the Lange One came to mind. How appropriate!

Even though the timepiece was first unveiled in 1994, the Lange One is still so stylish. For the longest time, the Lange One was my dream watch (and still is) and it means a lot to me to own one of these beauties.
 photo Lange One 02_zpsupvek3tu.jpg

The iconic timepiece with the off-centre dial and large date is unmistakably the Lange One.
 photo Lange One 01_zpsnsa3rbwe.jpg

The class and finesse of the dial is so pure.
 photo Lange One 04_zpsv3lsbrhr.jpg

The off centre dial - the hands and the applied markers are very well finished.
 photo Lange One 05_zpsc4mezu04.jpg

And the large date window...
 photo Lange One 06_zpsmkpmomal.jpg

And Lange is always about looking at the movement side too. The Glashutte ribbing and the three quarter (German silver) plate with all the rubies and blued screws add to the beauty of the movement.
 photo Lange One 07_zpsfkvohuki.jpg
 photo Lange One 08_zpsn6yprokd.jpg

And the close up of the engraved balance cock - another hallmark of Lange.
 photo Lange One 09_zps690pbhqh.jpg

The Lange One has been updated but the essential DNA stays intact. After all these years, why change something when it is still relevant and attractive. We never go out of style!