Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lange Owners' Group Special Cabaret

Another very recognisable Lange timepiece is the rectangular case Lange Cabaret which was an earlier piece Lange developed.

Unlike many brands who encase a round movement into a rectangular case, the folks at Lange & Sohne developed their own rectangular movement to fit the case. In 2009, a group of Lange owners managed to convince the manufacture to produce a limited series of 25 pieces for their group - the Lange Owners Group (LOG). The result was a white gold cases, grey dial version - very classy!

The timepiece has all the hallmarks of a Lange.

The movement is impressive too.

Many of the Lange pieces are a gem when you look at the movement. This piece has aged nicely and a patina developed beautifully.

The balance cock is beautifully hand engraved as all Lange timepieces are. This one is no exception.

All pieces are accounted for and only available now in the pre-owned market. But good luck trying to find a seller.

If there is one other rectangular timepiece that I would like to own, it would be a Lange Cabaret. Thanks to my friend Mr. V who loaned me this piece. A discerning gentlemen who knows what he wants.