Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Traveling with my JLC Reverso

This post documents my travel with my JLC Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duo Bleu. One year ago I was traveling to the US and here I am back again. But this post documents my travels last year.

Whenever I travel overseas to places with a different time zone, I have to decide which timepiece to take with me. In many cases, I ended up with the JLC Reverso. So I would like to share some pictures of the watch traveling with me.

Here with me on a flight.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201410_zps6bf64976.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201411_zpsa464b048.jpg

Here with the main course.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201408_zps97ba4c4c.jpg

After a meal settling back for a glass of wine.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201409_zps4bb8cc02.jpg

On this trip, I had visited Monterrey Beach.
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201413_zpsbb4e2d3c.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201412_zpsd19da6d9.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201414_zps631d3946.jpg
 photo ReversoTravelFeb201415_zpsd83f6ade.jpg

Monterrey beach is really breath-taking and I am planning to return some time. On that trip I also visited Napa Valley - that one to come in another post.