Thursday, June 5, 2014

Special Lange One - Mother of Pearl Dial

I saw the Lange One Mother-of-Pearl dial once at the retailer Sincere and for the longest time, would have loved to buy that for my wife - the Little Lange Version. But then again, its not cheap especially when it comes with a diamond bezel.

I was lucky to acquire the Lange one Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) for a friend of mine and was able to briefly photograph the watch.
 photo Lange1MOP03_zpsf945d727.jpg

Some say the Lange 1 MOP is rather feminine but I think the watch is versatile - good for both sexes. This example comes in a white gold case with white gold hands and markers.
 photo Lange1MOP08_zps6b0a44c1.jpg

The engraved MOP dial is a work of art - truly!
 photo Lange1MOP04_zpsad3e12fa.jpg
 photo Lange1MOP06_zps8ac81e9c.jpg

The way the color reflects off the MOP dial is also beautiful.
 photo Lange1MOP07_zps5ccb1bef.jpg

And as one would expect, the hands and markers are well finished to the highest standards.
 photo Lange1MOP05_zps8641fe42.jpg

Honestly, I can wear this any time. I don't find this too feminine at all. A well engraved MOP dial can only bring out the best in the Lange One. Check out my post on my first dream watch, the Lange One.