Monday, August 8, 2016

Watchnuts Getting Together at Bistro 1855

It has been awhile since we all got together for our get together. For the first time in 2016, us watch nuts managed to find time to meet and share.

This time around, we chose Bistro 1855 which is conveniently located at Suntec City. Owner of Bistro 1855, Patrick Sng gave us a "special" - buffet spread with free flow of beverages. As usual, I arrived earlier on to ensure the arrangements are all in order... early birds coming to help me here.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 23_zpsa2tb4nsh.jpg

This time around, the theme was around "New Purchases" and "Non Steel or Gold" timepieces. This means we all have to be double wristed. First highlight of the evening was a "mini" Speedy gathering - 5 Speedmaster Pro and only one "original". The Snoopy Silver Award Limited Edition, the "original" Snoopy Apollo 10, another Special Edition From The Moon To Mars and then there is the original Speedmaster Pro.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 12_zpsjn6oodea.jpg

It is usual for us to start with the food.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 14_zpsyzgmevgd.jpg

And the beverage...
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 22_zpsytzss7sg.jpg

Lots of chatting and sharing over everything under the sun... New purchases, special pieces etc. Amongst the early birds were owners of two Lange timepieces - an earlier Saxonia in platinum and the 1815 Saxomat in plat too. What a beautiful pair!
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 21_zpsznhbsjmn.jpg

And the case back of the 1815 Saxomat...
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 17_zpsbackecxe.jpg

Another special piece is the Made In Japan Seiko Nano Universe which is only available in Japan. Minimalist in their design, this belongs to a friend who frequents Japan a lot. Seiko did this in collaboration with the fashion brand Nano Universe.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 19_zpslkhwd4h6.jpg

Then there is the Ronin watch - another simple Pilot inspired piece.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 18_zpsf19d125b.jpg

Then of course there was the newest timepiece of the evening - The Seiko Prospex SRPA21K1 Diver's timepiece. The Pepsi Turtle was literally "hours old". Fresh from the AD.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 20_zpsjw9u7tkw.jpg

We have our dinner and drinks and soon enough, it was display time! Hermes, De Bethune, Movas, Jaeger LeCoultre, Ronin, Seiko... many brands and very different price points.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 01_zpsrqysvanx.jpg

Centre table and it gets more crowded... what can you spot on the table? Two very interesting Chronographs on the table. Both very iconic for their respective brands.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 02_zpsndmye7el.jpg

And at the end of the table the Speedies gather...
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 03_zpsddjxqcyg.jpg

The nice thing about such gatherings is that you get to see and feel pieces you did not previously know about and is totally off your own radar. Take for instance this Rado DiaMaster. I normally associate this owner with higher end pieces but what intrigued him was the Ultra-light high-tech ceramic case of this piece and the black finishing on the back which features a UNITAS handwound movement.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 13_zpsjoj2cua9.jpg

These days, Bronze is the new steel... Dietrich, Heroic18, Movas, Oris, REC and Tudor. One is so new that the plastic wrap is still on!
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 11_zpsvdvjrwb0.jpg

And a few interesting piece like the RAW 2 from local brand Movas.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 05_zpsqkpa98h3.jpg

And another bronze piece from Movas - the Bronze Officer.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 08_zpsh7gvk3k4.jpg

A beautifully guilloche De Bethune DB5.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 10_zpshmdjpvmt.jpg

The Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition which features a multi-piece bronze case. Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, it has been sold out since its launch.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 06_zpszcp6uy0n.jpg

And the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity with their off-centre dial and visually arresting escapement on the front. Not only is it in front, the escapement is also made of silicon.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 07_zpsnmt3msrx.jpg

And you don't often see this combination in the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Rose gold and Tantalum and in 36mm size.
 photo GTG Bistro 1855 09_zpsqdetbvnx.jpg

And all too soon it was 11pm! Too many timepieces and too little time to shoot them all. Many thanks to the staff of Bistro 1855 who were very accommodating and Patrick for making special arrangements for us. And thanks to all who showed up. Looking forward to having another GTG soon. Independent watchmakers perhaps?