Monday, May 2, 2016

Golden Bridge by Corum - Gina's Favourite Timepiece

The Corum Golden Bridge designed and developed by Mr. Vincent Calabrese is an icon. Originally in a rectangular case, the timepiece has since seen some changes in their case - tonneau and lately round. The timepiece is simple and yet alluring.

The baguette movement is legendary and it is in my humble opinion, made for the ladies. Yes the Golden Bridge comes without diamonds but I think the diamonds in this case makes it a lot more appealing. I first featured this timepiece some time back in 2014 and then again the Miss Golden Bridge in 2015. But I just can't get enough so here are more pictures of the icon.

The Golden Bridge with two rows of diamond in a full size case.

The see-through case gives the timepiece a different dimension.

And the beauty of the baguette movement...

Full frontal shot.

And now the Miss Golden Bridge. A smaller albeit more dainty size specially for the ladies.

And now, for the back view.

And what about the side view showing off the linear movement?

Another look at the pretty piece.

How can a lady not like this?

Another look at the rear of the see through timepiece.

And if you want to read Gina's review in on owning the Miss Golden Bridge, you may go to the article on Deployant.

The only other baguette movement I have is the JLC 8 Days Baguette Clock. I will be doing an update on that side by side to determine the similarities and the differences of each timepiece.

Recently, Corum re-introduced the Corum Golden Bridge Round. Deployant did a review on the round case Golden Bridge. Somehow, the people at Corum has done such a good job with the rectangular and tonneau case that I cannot accept the round case version. But that is just me. What do you think? A baguette movement in a round case?