Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Hands - Montre à Tact by Andersen Genève

Danish watchmaker Svend Andersen has developed some signature pieces which includes the Montre à Tact. A founding member of the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI), Svend Andersen spent several years restoring timepieces in Patek Philippe and then founding the brand that bears his name in 1979.

Having learnt his horology skills from the Danish School of Watchmaking, Svend Andersen went on to perfect his skill in Switzerland. And one of the more iconic piece is the Montre à Tact - a timepiece that does not have any hands to tell time but instead relies on windows between the lugs. Not one but two windows...
 photo Andersen Montre a Tact 01_zpsjzdypnfs.jpg

On first impression, one notices the "main" window between the 11 and 1 O'Clock - the windows of time. The dial in this case is a gold engraved dial featuring some Hieroglyphics. But in reality, the dial can come as a painted dial instead of an engraved one.
 photo Andersen Montre a Tact 02_zpsnehozvp7.jpg

But the complication in the timepiece is the ability to tell time with the "second" window - the one on the side of the case. Interesting as it allows the owner to view to time without having to turn the watch face. Additionally, it also allows the owner to have a fully customised dial covering the "top" window altogether!
 photo Andersen Montre a Tact 03_zpsceq7ldis.jpg

Notice that the timepiece does not have any crown? Well, the winding crown is at the case back - another ingenious development. And again, the clean case back allows one to customise the case back. Underneath the closed case is an automatic movement.
 photo Andersen Montre a Tact 04_zpsxjxrlsnd.jpg

The 43mm timepiece comes with a rather unique case and Pierre tells me that there are not many case makers out there that can make such a case.
 photo Andersen Montre a Tact 05_zpswplr46lz.jpg

This timepiece comes in a white gold case as with many of the timepieces by Andersen. Most if not all come in precious metal.

Pictures taken by iPhone 6.