Saturday, September 5, 2015

Chinese Dragon by a Russian!

I have always wanted a "Dragon" theme timepiece (no thanks to Vincent) and was lucky enough when my friend SJX introduced me to the Vulcain Cricket Aviator GMT “The Dragon”.

Recently, I got to know a Russian watchmaker Stefan Vinogradov. Stefan is based in Moscow, Russia and he tells me he used to work for a Russian watch brand Tsedro. It seems Stefan handles the engraving for the dials and movements. We corresponded via email and Stefan made a sketch of the dragon and then a few more emails to and fro and he started work.

And this is the final result!
 photo Dragon Watch 08_zpsyfxuget0.jpg
 photo Dragon Watch 09_zpswx0rn8f4.jpg

The engraving is rather well done but I wish the Dragon's head were more prominent. The shiny gold plate gleams and probably a little too shiny.
 photo Dragon Watch 11_zpsd8buvznr.jpg
 photo Dragon Watch 01_zpstqr7uenv.jpg

The engraving is best evident on the body of the Dragon especially the scales.
 photo Dragon Watch 06_zpsoxduufwl.jpg

On the back is a skeletonised Unitas 6497 manual winding movement.
 photo Dragon Watch 04_zpsnqr7e1yz.jpg
 photo Dragon Watch 05_zpsxveaqsmf.jpg

The movement is decorated and finishing is well done. And to personalise the timepiece, my initials are engraved on the barrel.
 photo Dragon Watch 12_zpsjj1ewc8s.jpg

Another look at the timepiece hand engraved by Stefan.
 photo Dragon Watch 02_zpsp6vwtgew.jpg

I will put out another post on the steps taken (as far as I know) on how it is done. Thanks Stefan!