Friday, August 14, 2015

JLC Reserve De Marche

JLC is perhaps one of the most affordable in-house manufacturer in the Swiss Watchmaking industry and continues to be so. With more than 1,000 calibres to their name, Manufacture Jaeger LeCoultre is my definition of a a good value for money Swiss brand.

When I first saw the JLC Master Reserve De Marche, I liked the relatively simple timepiece and in this case, the very feminine touch of the grey coloured dial.

The date is displayed at the 2 o'clock position while the 40 odd hours power reserve is located at the 10 o'clock position. The seconds hands sub-dial is located at 6. The timepiece comes with folding deployant buckle.

At the back is an open case displaying the automatic movement. Clearly stated that the watch has undergone the JLC 1,000 hours control testing.

A well made 38mm timepiece is elegant and the shade of grey makes it truly feminine.

JLC has always been a great brand for me. My advise to many watch friends who are starting out in their horological journey to start of with a JLC - well priced for an in-house movement. And then move on to the other complications within the brand. You will not be short of timepieces in the JLC Manufacture.