Monday, April 13, 2015

Lange 1815 Chrono - The Hunt is Fun!

The Lange 1815 Chronograph - perhaps the most beautiful chronograph front and back.

A good friend of mine had wanted the 1815 chrono for the longest time but finding one at the right price with the right piece was always elusive. The 1815 chrono in the pre-owned market is always difficult to find - especially if you want one at the right price. Patience they say is a virtue and so he waited and waited - then one day, it was there. From an overseas AD in Japan! Amongst our group of watch collector friends, many were eyeing this piece and I had to be quick. Not only do I need to be quick, I had to enlist the help of my Japanese colleague to call the AD to reserve this piece. And it all worked out beautifully!

So happy with the purchase, the first thing we did was take the watch to my place and examine it inside out. And with all 1815 chrono or Datograph owners, the first thing we did was turn it around and examine the movement.

The movement is about the most beautiful chronograph movement in the market.

This column wheel chrono is well designed - and just looking at the movement, one can understand why we are so mesmerised by it.

The layout and finishing on this chronograph is top notch.

And as with all Lange timepieces, the balance cock is hand engraved.

And a close up look at the movement.

Enough of the movement side - the front is equally well designed. The clean dial is proportionate. Simple and beautiful.

And a comparison - old and new.

However you look at it, both version of the 1815 chronograph are exquisite. I love them both and I am so happy for my friend. Next, the hunt for the rose gold black dial.