Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to Basics - LM101 MB&F

So Max Busser was in town recently to launch the new Legacy Machine named LM101.

 photo LegacyMachineNumber10113_zps282dc4ef.jpg

Back to basics is what the LM101 is - the "least" complicated piece by Max Busser and Friends. And what a beauty the 101 is. First. let's start with a comparison - the LM2 versus the LM101, side-by-side.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10105_zps83871324.jpg
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10103_zpsb8f44410.jpg

The LM101 is a very wearable 40mm bearing the hallmark of the LM series - a domed shaped sapphire glass and a suspended balance wheel.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10108_zps26c37a54.jpg

The crown is at the four o'clock position and the dial displays the time and a power reserve. As with all LM art pieces, the dials are beautifully shiny and resembles enamel. But Max says they are not enamel but rather a special form of lacquer.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10109_zps44b4b3aa.jpg

A closer look at the watch - the bottom dial is the power reserve.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10106_zps75e8d8b6.jpg

And the case back - the hand wound movement signed by Max and Kari Voutilainen. Level of finish is what you would expect from an MB&F.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10104_zps193518ea.jpg

Another look at the watch - sorry for the poor quality of the pictures as it was taken in restaurant lighting. The timepiece is in white gold.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10111_zps56dcaf25.jpg

A final look at the LM101 in B&W. Understand the pricing is sub 90k SGD. A very beautifully crafted piece and one for the ladies too. Kudos to Max and his back to basics! Thanks to the Hour Glass for hosting the dinner.
 photo LegacyMachineNumber10102_zps22d34ee1.jpg

That is Max unveiling the LM101 from his pouch. Congrats to a new wonderful art piece by MB&F!