Friday, April 11, 2014

Seiko Snow Monster - My First Monster

I was not much of a Seiko Monster fan until I saw the Snow Monster. I'm a changed man… So the Snow Monster became my first foray into the world of Seiko Monsters.

Thailand is the country outside of Japan that has the most number of Limited Edition Monsters. And so it is no coincidence that the Snow Monster is a Thai LE.
 photo SnowMonster02_zpsa8c5b4d8.jpg

The color combination of the Snow Monster is very pleasing and I was told this version was sold out very quickly. I was only able to get my hands on one through a secondary dealer - and of course you have to pay a premium.
 photo SnowMonster01_zps361013f0.jpg

The Monster series has its signature crown at the four o'clock position and the cyclop bubble at three. The finishing on the watch is also of high quality. The luminous markers are well polished and has a shiny gleam to it.
 photo SnowMonster03_zpsc7abc134.jpg

Even the hands and the bezel are well done.
 photo SnowMonster04_zps421b3ff6.jpg

The whole package just works for me. And now I am always on the lookout for special editions of the Monster series. This Snow Monster comes with the older non-hacking 7S36 calibre.
 photo SnowMonster05_zps07f7c427.jpg

See my other post on another Thai Limited Edition Monster - the Moon Monster. I shall also be featuring the Anniversary Monster in another post soon.