Saturday, March 29, 2014

Carriage Clocks of Mr. Baumgartner

I do believe in coincidences and in my recent trip to Switzerland, I discovered how small this world is. Just a few months ago, I had met with Felix Baumgartner - co-founder of Urwerk and in my recent trip to Switzerland, I had the pleasure of meeting Baumgartner Senior!

Mr. Gerhard Baumgartner was kind enough to show me his collection of clocks - some for sale and some not. I will write separately on how I came to meet with Mr. Baumgartner senior but for now, I would like to share these beautiful carriage clocks.
 photo FrenchCarriageClock01_zpsb988aa30.jpg

A little over 5-6 inches tall, the clock is heavy and rather well restored. This example is a French carriage clock and comes with 8 days power reserve. Carriage clocks were meant to be carried around during travels in the eighteen hundreds.
 photo FrenchCarriageClock02_zps07e138d3.jpg

These clocks typically have their balance wheel on the top of the clock.
 photo FrenchCarriageClock04_zpsd03eac52.jpg

Now for the back of the clock showcasing the movement. See the chimes and
 photo FrenchCarriageClock03_zps5802e841.jpg

The clock comes with an alarm at the base. And take a look at the guilloché on the frame. Probably hand decorated in those days.
 photo FrenchCarriageClock05_zpsa5eb3a9e.jpg

Next up is a Vienna Carriage Clock. Standing about 2 inches taller than the French clock, the Viennese is an equal beauty.
 photo ViennaCarriageClock01_zpscbe71e59.jpg

Unlike the French clock, the dial is not enamel but also gilted brass. But like the French Clock, the Viennese clock comes with a 8 days power reserve and an alarm.
 photo ViennaCarriageClock05_zps9614bf02.jpg

And the decoration is again immaculate and probably hand done.
 photo ViennaCarriageClock06_zps475a582f.jpg

Mr. Baumgartner Senior spends much of his time restoring these beauties. As of the last I know, the French clock was already sold. My bad as I had wanted it but was a day late. Stay tuned for more report on my visit to the atelier. For other more information, you may write to Mr. Baumgartner at