Saturday, February 1, 2014

Traveling with my Grand Seiko

My Grand Seiko SBGM003 is my trusted traveling companion especially when I am traveling to a different time zone and in need of Two Time Zone timepiece.

A discrete timepiece to travel with as not many know the value of a Grand Seiko and it really is a pretty looker! So every time I travel to the US, it is my timepiece of choice. Here taken on a flight to San Francisco. First off, pre-dinner snack - posing with the satay.
GS with Satay photo GSSBGM003Satay02.jpg
GS with Satay & Wine photo GSSBGM003Satay01.jpg

Then the starter - a nice salad.
GS with Salad in Flight photo GSSBGM003Salad02.jpg

Followed by the main - a grilled red snapper.
GS with Pan Fried Snapper photo GSSBGM003PanFriedSnapper01.jpg

And to round it off, mango mousse!
GS with Mango Mousse photo GSSBGM003MangoMousse01.jpg

And whenever I am in San Francisco or on the West Coast, my favorite breakfast is always at iHop.
GS at iHop photo GSSBGM003iHop01.jpg

And what is America without Pizza? Here with my pizza at SFO Airport.
GS with Pizza in NYC photo GSSBGM003Pizza01.jpg

And on this trip, I also got me some nice US peaches.
GS on Peaches in NYC photo GSSBGM003Peach01.jpg

And my GS will continue to travel with me for awhile to come. Stay tuned for more.