Sunday, July 17, 2016

REC Watches - Recover - Recycle - Reclaim

The concept of REC Watches is to salvage and transform classic icons into timepieces, a concept which we named RECOVER – RECYCLE – RECLAIM, or just REC for short. That's how the folks at REC Watches introduce themselves.

The concept of Recover-Recycle-Reclaim is not new, not that REC Watches claim that they are the first but the way they went about it is interesting. I have also blogged about Blancier Grand Cru in 2013 and they up-cycles used Nespresso capsules using them as the dials. Ingenuous I say!

Funded through Kickstarter, REC Watches which is based on Denmark has an interesting approach to how they make their timepieces unique. REC Watches actually purchase old parts from the vintage Ford Mustang cars and uses these parts to make the dials. Therefore, no two timepieces are alike - similar but not alike, therefore making them unique. I came to know about REC Watches through Kickstarter and thought it was a nice idea, hence bought the P-51-03. The two founders are Jonathan Kamstrup and Christian Mygh.

All their P-51 Mustang series timepieces come with a history - they tell you which year the Ford Mustang came from and also the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car. In my case, the dial is made from a vintage Mustang from 1965 with the VIN 5F08A787123. This can be found on the VIN plate at the 11 o'clock position on the main dial. I love the "raw" texture of the dial.

Not only do they tell you the year of the model, the good folks at REC go one step further in producing a video showing you the actual car they salvage the part from. When you receive the timepiece, you will also receive a card with a printed QR code. Scan that QR code and it will bring you the video explaining how the part was recovered and a little history of the vintage Mustang it came from.

I particularly like the off centre layout of the timepiece. The power reserve is presented like a fuel gauge at the 12 o'clock position in line with the automotive theme.

And the time display is integrated with the date.

I really like the fact that the dials are unique. In this case, I believe the bonnet was used and it yielded 350 timepieces. But each timepiece is unique as each as the part used us different. Did I mention I like the "raw" feel of the dial? Look at the texture on the dial... almost like a rusty hue.

And each and every scratch is probably unique to the timepiece.

Notice the scratch across the dial just under the VIN plate?

Finishing on the dial side is decent.

On the reverse side shows the automatic movement - not particularly impressive but a reliable movement nonetheless. The folks at REC chose to use the Miyota 9130 automatic movement that features a power reserve and also a small date function. The strap for the timepiece also comes with a quick release function - nicely done REC!

The serial number is also indicated on the back of the watch and in this case is number 0095. What is unique is also the information of how many timepieces were made from this batch. So I guess this is the "Limited Edition" so to speak as only 350 timepieces were made from this recovery.

According to the brand, the case is a four part case. Pretty well made I must say. Nice curves, well polished bezel and a signed crown.

The timepiece is large for my small wrist. The case is 44mm and with a polished bronze bezel.

The timepiece comes with a black leather strap that has a quick change function at the back. The perforated leather is reminiscent of the steering wheel covers of old. Another nice touch. And for the Kickstarter backers, they included an extra olive strap as a reward for backing them.

The buckle is bronze colour and signed too.

Overall a nice package at a reasonable price point.

A nice story and an equally nice timepiece for the story. Who would think a Danish watch brand will use an American icon to their advantage. But nicely done REC!

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