Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pretty Pastel - The La Grande Classique de Longines

The La Grande Classique de Longines is a truly elegant timepiece for the ladies.

Coming in three colour variations - the pink, blue and white mother-of-pearl star dials are truly amazing.

What sets these mother-of-pearl dials apart is the way they manufacture the dials. The star motif is made up of individually cut pieces of MOP and painstakingly assembled. And as with all MOP dials, the colour gradation is much dependent on the light source. So in effect, no two pieces are alike.

And the alligator skin strap is in a pearly pink shade matching the dial.

Similarly, the white piece comes with a white mother-of-pearl star motif dial with a matching alligator skin pearly white strap. Please pardon the lint on the watch.

Between the blue and the pink, I would say it is a tough fight. Here, is the blue in steel bracelet. I was told the links of the bracelet is especially fine thus allowing it to mould to the wrist.

What I featured here are those without the diamond bezel. The timepiece is fitted with an ultra thin quartz movement fitted in two case sizes - 24mm and 29mm. Ultra feminine timepieces for the ladies out there. The attractiveness of the quartz movement is that it is "maintenance free". Just pick up the timepiece and it is ready to wear. And with such pastel colour combination, it will surely go well to matching the ladies' outfits and accessories.

These pieces are well priced and great value for money. Pink, blue or white? All three perhaps?

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