Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another Icon in Sketch

The Portuguese by IWC was what started my horological intrigue. Pure, simple and yet alluring.

Even in a sketch, the simplicity is so beautiful. The proportions perfect.
 photo IMG_2938_zpsbf5e098b.jpg

And the movement side is equally breathtaking...
 photo IMG_2936_zpsbfaf203b.jpg
 photo IWCPortugueseJubilee01_zps33032ed7.jpg

But what the sketch can't show is the patina. That is something else altogether.
 photo IMG_2935_zps4a8c2da2.jpg

Having been released in 1993 to commemorate the 125th Anniversary this has been a much sought after timepiece for me. In 2014, IWC relaunched a special limited edition of the Portuguese Jubilee for the watch publisher Revolution.

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