Thursday, September 24, 2015

World's Most Complicated Timepiece - Vacheron Constantin Does It Again

The year 2015 is turning out very well for the people at Vacheron Constantin. Celebrating their 260th Anniversary, Vacheron has unveiled the world's most complicated timepiece, the reference 57260.

Perhaps it is the 260th Anniversary that VC is using to showcase their breadth and depth of the collection but all I can say is this - whatever they have unveiled so far this year has been one winner after another! The oldest manufacture is having new ideas again. Kudos to those who are making this the Year of Vacheron Constantin. But I digress...

Reference 57260 is a double-dial horological masterwork of hitherto unimaginable complication and technical innovation. Why reference 57260? Well first and foremost, there are 57 complications in this timepiece and the 260 is of course in reference to their anniversary.

The timepiece is huge by any standard and although they call it a pocket watch, I rather think it is a probably more suited as a desk clock. 50.55mm thick and 131.7mm from case bottom to the extended catch above the crown. I can't imagine one carrying this in their pocket. Weighs almost one kilogram (980 grammes to be exact).

Stunning piece I must say! Everything about the 57260 exudes class. From the complications to the finishing etc. The team of three Master Watchmakers took 8 years to bring the timepiece to fruition.

Although Vacheron Constantin says the timepiece was made using the classic principles of watchmaking, I am sure they must have had help in the form of computing and computer modelling. No mean feat still - putting something into a computer simulation does not mean it will work. But work it did and kudos to the three Master Watchmakers.

The movement is equally stunning. Only one word to describe it - Amaze! Or is it a maze? But then again, that is two words.

The reference 57260 comes with 57 complications - billed as the world's most complicated mechanical timepiece. Some of the complications are entirely new and unique. What they are? Only time can tell.

The front dial looks complicated enough already. But the layout is legible and proportionate.

And the back also features the multi-axis Tourbillon.

I like that VC has done a great job in developing this timepiece but honestly, how will one use this? But all said and done, I think 2015 is the year for Vacheron Constantin. First the Harmony range and then the Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 and now the Reference 57260.

They are all winners in my humble opinion.

Pictures as supplied by Vacheron Constantin.