Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vulcain - Story of the Butterfly Lovers

Vulcain timepieces are affordable and interesting to say the least. Most iconic from the brand is the Cricket alarm as well as their series of enamel dial timepieces including the Vulcain Cricket Aviator GMT Dragon which comes in two dial variations.

So when the folks at Crystal Time showed me one of the lady's range - the Vulcanova, I had to buy it for my significant other.

The Butterfly Lovers is a Romeo and Juliet story inspired by a tragic Chinese love story around Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. Considered as one of the most famous Chinese folklore, story goes that Yingtai disguised herself as a male so that she could attend school. And that was where she met Liang. But fate would have it that they never married as Yingtai was betrothed to another. Liang fell sick and died shortly after hearing of the marriage. On the day of her marriage, Yingtai's processing was to pass a route where Liang was buried. As the story goes, she wished she could be with Liang and the earth opened up at tomb where Liang was buried and Yingtai jumped in to be with her soul mate. Their spirits turned into a pair of butterflies and never to be separated again. That's how the story goes...

This Vulcanova pays tribute to that pair of lovers. Case of steel and dial with a mother of pearl setting and diamonds to boot.

The two butterflies symbolises the lovers and is well decorated. I had to change the lighting to highlight the MOP dial.

The case back shows that this piece was unveiled to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the brand. The timepiece comes with an automatic calibre V-53 with a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Another view in normal lighting. The timepiece measures a dainty 36x29mm, just nice for the ladies.

I understand this range comes in three dial types.

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