Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not All Rectangular Timepieces Make It - This One Does!

There are only a few rectangular timepieces that make the mark. The Lange Cabaret is one of them.

For one, they need to have a proper movement - one made for the timepieces and not slapping a round movement in a rectangular case. When Lange Cabaret was first launched in 1997, it came with the "regular" big date version. Later, they added the Moonphase to this timepiece and transformed the timepiece to a beauty!
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 03_zpsrb6xoxhg.jpg
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 13_zps2h2zldan.jpg

The timepiece has all the hallmarks of the Glashutte manufacturer - big date and applied markers.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 02_zpszul6zurm.jpg

On the right side of the case is where the push buttons are for the adjustment of both the big date and the moonphase.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 04_zpswgaxmtok.jpg

Lange does not scrimp on finishing - take a look at the big date windows. Finesse!
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 06_zpsbem5pwlr.jpg

And the moonphase and the hands are just in perfect harmony.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 07_zps3c4gh053.jpg

And now for the movement side. The movement is rectangular - made for the timepiece and not slapping a round movement into a rectangular case and covering up the case back.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 09_zpso4ozz71s.jpg

Similar three quarter German Silver plate with the rubies and blue screws.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 08_zpszcadhfll.jpg

The finishing on Cabaret is top notch as one would expect from Lange. Glashutte ribbing and hand finished.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 11_zpsahfomoa0.jpg

And the individually hand engraved balance cock.
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 12_zpspilotoak.jpg

This beauty of a timepiece belongs to a friend of mine - Dr. Stefan Ma and he absolutely loves it!
 photo Lange Cabaret Moonphase 05_zps99gk6bn9.jpg

The Cabaret is not as illustrious as the Lange One but still a very attractive timepiece. Under appreciated IMHO but for those who own one, they are the few who definitely enjoy the understated beauty. Congrats to Dr. Ma on his ownership of such a fine timepiece.