Thursday, February 19, 2015

Miss Golden Bridge by Corum

I can see why the Corum Golden Bridge is such an attraction for the ladies - and to put it into a small case? Well this is a winner for me!

Right off the bat, my wife loved the Corum Golden Bridge and when they introduced the Miss Golden Bridge, I thought it would be the perfect gift for her. So I managed to capture some shots of the timepiece. Enjoy!
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge14_zps36dd3bf5.jpg

I have to say that it is rather difficult to take this watch as there is no dial and the case is see through.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge15_zpsb27990b7.jpg

But don't you think this is so unique? Even the side is see through...
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge10_zps32d891da.jpg

Even I like this timepiece!
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge09_zps68109763.jpg

Elegant and unique. And with the right amount of bling too.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge07_zpsd8c7409c.jpg
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge06_zpsef0879a2.jpg

For more reading about what my wife thinks of the watch, read her article published in Deployant.
 photo CorumMrsGoldenBridge13_zps355bfabf.jpg

Enjoy this one last shot. I like this one a lot.

Here's wishing all of you Happy Lunar New Year! May you have a Prosperous and Successful Year of the Goat. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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