Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bovet Amadeo 45 Chronograph - Three In One

Every now and then, you come across a rather unusual timepiece and then you understand why you enjoy timepieces and the diversity in the world of horology.

I came across the brand Bovet some time back and I have always thought they made pretty interesting timepieces - from interchangeable pocket and wristwatches to repeaters and high end pieces. I had the luck to be able to handle one such piece - the Bovet Amadeo 45 Chronograph Cambiano done in collaboration with Italian design company Pininfarina.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono01_zps2aa6090f.jpg

The chronograph comes with a Caliber 13BA01 which I believe could be a 7750 but I like the overall package. The watch looks unusual - with the winding crown at the 12 instead of the normal 3 o'clock. Chrono pushers are also at the unconventional position - on either side of the crown.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono02_zpse749532e.jpg

The lugs of the watch is also rather special - comes with a catch for quick release. One can change the watch from a wristwatch to becoming and pocket watch or even desk clock.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono04_zps8bf988ac.jpg

Once you remove the strap, the watch can be turned into a desk clock.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono07_zps168bf1be.jpg
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono06_zpsb3457a76.jpg

A nifty change - from a wrist watch to a desk clock. And if you buy the chain, one can turn the watch into a pocket watch too. The strap is rubber on one side and suede on the inside.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono05_zpsd8d6464a.jpg

The watch case is steel and with a nice weight. I like the fact that it comes with a large date - for people who have failing eyesight, this is a really nice feature. Hands are well finished and illuminated too. The seconds sub-dial is at the 6 o'clock.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono18_zpsf74c23c1.jpg

When you examine the markers, you can see a well finished product. The brush steel openwork dial is also nicely finished. The blue hands makes the watch a little more attractive.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono16_zps30bf96cb.jpg
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono13_zps3476fc81.jpg

On to the movement side - I am again impressed by what Bovet has done. I believe they took a Valjoux 7750 chrono movement and modified it, embellishing it and finishing it to a rather high standard.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono10_zps9d0a4450.jpg
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono09_zpsde5383a4.jpg

The movement is of a rather high standard - blued screws make them so much more attractive. Did I say I love the blue screws? Personally, I am not a fan of automatic chronographs - I prefer manual winding chronographs. But the winding is smooth and without the 7750 wobble.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono15_zps55f4ee27.jpg

The main reason why I prefer manual winding is that the whole movement will be visible. With an automatic winding movement, the winding rotor obscures the movement. And even with a micro rotor, the back plate diminishes in size and one gets to see less of the movement. So still I prefer a manual winding movement.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono08_zpseb41cbb5.jpg

As I have said before, the whole package is well done. 45mm steel case with an unusual crown and pusher position. My only gripe about this watch is the difficulty in winding the watch given the unusual position and smooth crown.
 photo BovetAmadeo45CambianoChrono11_zps741f8974.jpg

Another look at the watch/clock. One timepiece, three uses. Interesting enough?

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