Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swatch Sistem 51 - Coming to Singapore Soon!

Swatch makes fun watches, colorful watches, quartz watches… but Swatch the company also owns several high end watch brands and movement maker ETA. They have a small range of mechanical timepieces which were rather well made and priced. Then came Sistem 51.

The Sistem 51 is a new range of mechanical timepieces from Swatch. What so different? Well the Sistem 51 is made of 51 parts, hence the name. And as I understand it, fully assembled using automation. And the watch needs no regulation. So I was obviously intrigued and in my recent trip to Switzerland, promptly picked up the watch - all four of them!
 photo System5101_zps7d4202be.jpg

Priced at CHF150 each inclusive of tax, I must say they are affordable. The first release consists of four colors - black, white, blue and red.
 photo System5103_zps10ffe1aa.jpg

My favorite? Has to be the Sistem White - very Swatch, very colorful and playful IMHO.
 photo System5107_zps57c4a622.jpg

On first touch, the watch feels light and plasticky… every inch a Swatch. Comes with a small date at the 3 O'Clock position. Too small to make a difference. I would rather not have the date window. Comes with a white rubber strap.
 photo System5106_zps292d621e.jpg

The colorful play on the hands - I love that! But as you can see even the crown looks plastic. The hands come with luminous tip.
 photo System5109_zpseb5be150.jpg

The Sistem Black is a little boring - but supporters of all things black will probably like it. Like my sons, I am sure one of them will want the black. This one comes with a black leather strap.
 photo System5104_zps1eb0c7f0.jpg

The blue and red has rather interesting dials - probably depicting the stars and constellations.
 photo System5113_zps1086106e.jpg

The Sistem Blue comes with a black rubber strap with matching blue stitches.
 photo System5114_zps7c63b942.jpg

The Sistem Red is similar in motif to the blue.
 photo System5111_zps19c7bd19.jpg

As with the blue, the red comes with a rubber strap with red stitches.
 photo System5110_zps40348964.jpg

And what about the movement? Well this is where some surprises are in store. First, the automatic rotor. Notice the ETA mark on the top left corner of the case? Watch is water resistant to 5ATM. Made from 5 separate modules, the watch is hermetically sealed and has power reserve in excess of 3 days - impressive!
 photo System5108_zps3c4f0adb.jpg

The balance wheel comes without the usual balance spring screws and it is supposedly regulation free.
 photo System5112_zps648a19e0.jpg

The motif on the movement makes it feel psychedelic.
 photo System5105_zps8b753f98.jpg
 photo System5115_zps47b71d8a.jpg

So we shall have one each - family watch! Watch out for the wrist shot coming up soon.
 photo System5102_zps3f76b7a7.jpg

Overall a nifty package and well priced at CHF150 (approx SGD220). A fun mechanical watch at an affordable price. Shall be testing it for accuracy. More more information visit Swatch website.

And for Singapore fans, the Sistem 51 will be launching here on 25th July 2014. And if you decided to buy all 4 colours, you will get a watch winder - only 51 sets available.

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