Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lange 1815 Chrono - Pure & Classical

Lange has always made good chronograph and the Datograph is a dream watch on many collectors' list. I like the Datograph too but I finally settled for the 1815 Chronograph.

Two reasons I chose the 1815 chrono - as a chronograph, it is more "pure" to have no date. And additionally, they Lange does not have the Datograph in White Gold. And actually a third reason - price. For the date, one has to fork out a lot more… Hence the 1815 chrono over the Datograph. A clean and "pure" chronograph.
 photo 1815Chrono07_zps685b6ac1.jpg

I have always liked the Lange chronograph - a clean display. And the white gold example is my favorite - unless of course Lange comes out with the grey dial version of Datograph… The white gold cased white dial version is clean and "unobtrusive". I love the look.
 photo 1815Chrono05_zps190e15e4.jpg

The lovely blued hands are an attraction in itself. Visually appealing and extremely matching to the dial, this was the clincher for me.
 photo 1815Chrono06_zps850015d4.jpg

And that is a Lange without looking at the movement - a work of art!
 photo 1815Chrono03_zps79138384.jpg

Unlike many other chronographs, the Lange example features a jumping minute counter. And the aesthetics on the movement is amazing! Another winner for me.
 photo 1815Chrono04_zpsfeb10395.jpg

The blued steel screws and jewels add to the aesthetics of the movement. The movement features a column wheel chronograph.
 photo 1815Chrono01_zps5e872fcf.jpg

And the signature hand engraved balance cock. A true work of artisanship.
 photo 1815Chrono08_zps3f77e968.jpg

My only one gripe about the 1815 chrono is the small winding crown. Lange could have made it a little larger for I find it a little hard to wind - I have rather fat fingers. The chrono pushers are smooth and responsive.

My next search is for the rose gold black dial version of the 1815 chrono. And then the "set" will be one more step "complete". I have to check with the good guys at Lange as I understand that there was a yellow gold version too.

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