Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's Inside a Lucerne Digital?

So I managed to open the case back of the Lucerne - not too difficult actually and what I found was surprising.

Unlike in "traditional" watches, the movements are not secured to the case at all - drops out easily enough once the case back is popped open. A long stem with the movement loosely in the case.
 photo LucerneDigital14_zps94f0f9e8.jpg

The empty case is just that - an empty case.
 photo LucerneDigital13_zps99fd82d7.jpg

The movement is signed Ferex SA which I believe was the movement supplier and just like Lucerne Watch Company probably does not exist anymore.
 photo LucerneDigital10_zpsf6d2cbe5.jpg

The movement says One Jewel - simple manual winding movement. Swiss Made it says. As I had this serviced several years ago, the movement looks clean and in good condition.
 photo LucerneDigital11_zps09b93df3.jpg

And on the dial side, the "complication" revealed. Two revolving discs - one for the hour on the outer ring and the minute in the inner ring. No seconds indication. Just as well - back in the 70s, the pace of life was probably not as fast. So who needs to count to the minute.
 photo LucerneDigital03_zps63c036e3.jpg

And when you encase it case - just a snap on, this is what it looks like. And as luck would have it, I managed to find a rather unusual shaped Lucerne.
 photo LucerneDigital07_zpseddebd86.jpg

Almost like a bullhead of sorts and the movement is the same.
 photo LucerneDigital09_zps26002604.jpg

Case back mentions the same - Base Metal Case All Swiss. This one comes with an even longer stem to wind the watch.
 photo LucerneDigital08_zps4f527b08.jpg

Same brush metal for the case and definitely retro. This example tells good time. For more Lucerne Digital watches, please check out my other post Lucerne Digital.