Friday, April 18, 2014

100 Years of Seiko - A Special Monster

After the Snow Monster, I started a lookout for the more unusual and significant Monsters and I came across the Seiko Monster 100th Anniversary.

This variant comes in 2 models - the "un-numbered" SRP455 and the numbered edition SRP461. Actually, I was only aware of the SRP455 until my friend Lionel pointed out the difference to me. And I had actually bought the SRP455 only to learn of the SRP461. I am not sure exactly why Seiko came with these 2 models but I suppose they wanted more collectors of Seiko to join in the 100th Anniversary, hence the "un-numbered" Limited Edition.

Anyway, both the SRP455 and SRP461 has the same look - one can only tell the difference only when you look at the case back where the SRP461 shows the numbers XXX/500.
 photo MonsterAnniversary09_zps18f47a55.jpg

This is the case back showing the Limited Edition and the number 198/500.
 photo MonsterAnniversary10_zpsec5bd910.jpg

As I had said, I had originally bought the SRP455 and on one of my business trips to Hong Kong, saw the Anniversary piece in a show display and promptly walked in to check it out. And to my surprise, it was the SRP461. I didn't need convincing so I picked it up. And when I come back to Singapore, I noticed the difference lies in the numbers at the case back.
 photo MonsterAnniversary07_zps22628ea3.jpg

The watch is all Monster - shiny bezel with a day/date indicator at 3 o'clock and the crown at 4. Another difference between the SRP455 and the SRP461 is the bracelet for the latter. The SRP455 comes with a rubber strap which I was not very happy with. The bracelet on the SRP461 is actually of pretty good quality.
 photo MonsterAnniversary05_zpsd419b2ad.jpg

What I like about the newer Monsters are the crown. The grainy crown gives better grip for me.
 photo MonsterAnniversary03_zps5279ac11.jpg

And as with many of the Monster series, the hands and markers are well finished and for a watch that is priced below SGD500, I say it is great value for money.
 photo MonsterAnniversary08_zps94d23bce.jpg

The Anniversary Monster comes with the newer hacking calibre 4R36.
 photo MonsterAnniversary04_zps3e6cfe8e.jpg

Another look at the Anniversary watch which was released in 2013 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Seiko Watch Company together with a few other watches.