Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feature of the Month - Lange Pocket Watch

It pays to know people and definitely pays to have luck on your side too. Such is the case on how I came across this gem of a pocket watch.

I was in Hong Kong and chanced upon an old shop selling vintage timepieces and when I visited the shop and saw a Lange enamel dial sitting in the showcase. I asked the proprietor who told me he was restoring the pocket watch. I took his card and that was that. Some time later, I was still thinking of the pocket watch and wrote to him and he sent me the pictures of the finished item. What a beauty!

I sent the images to Manfred Weber of Lange and he told me it looked authentic - good enough for me! So I called my friend George in HKG who promptly picked it up for me and passed it to Stefan who brought it back to Singapore for me. Friends indeed!
 photo LangePocketWatch05_zps5b34c86e.jpg

What a find! A beautiful double hunter case pocket watch dating back to 1908!
 photo LangePocketWatch06_zps81db1061.jpg

The condition was pristine when I received it. A rose gold case that was restored.
 photo LangePocketWatch04_zps47ab339d.jpg

In this example, the enamel dial is flawless.
 photo LangePocketWatch02_zpsfd6f3a24.jpg

And the hands are gorgeous!
 photo LangePocketWatch08_zpsa1a61236.jpg

And as I have mentioned, it comes with a double hunter case. Polished to an excellent shine and the case shows the number and the matching movement too.
 photo LangePocketWatch10_zpsa274a017.jpg

The movement shows the movement number matching the case. As I understand it, this is not the highest grade movement of the times.
 photo LangePocketWatch09_zps7f788e3c.jpg
 photo LangePocketWatch16_zps476daac5.jpg

And the close up of the balance wheel and the swan neck adjustment.
 photo LangePocketWatch17_zps83357d63.jpg

Another look at the movement
 photo LangePocketWatch14_zps64e6bbc8.jpg

Another look at the pocket watch.
 photo LangePocketWatch03_zpsd79882e9.jpg

I have been searching for a second piece with the same finishing or for that matter something close. No luck. I guess all owners of the Lange pocket watches are so happy with theirs that they prefer to keep them. And the search continues...