Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nautilus Chronograph 5980R

The Nautilus is as iconic as it comes and the folks from Patek Philippe added a chronograph function and it was a hit.

For awhile, the Patek 5980 was the much sought after chronograph. Some dealers told me that it was selling above retail in the grey market! That is what a Patek does for you...

I like the Nautilus so when I had the opportunity to photograph one, I jumped at it.

The chronograph sub-dial is at the 6 o'clock and features a 60 minute and 12 hour indication.

Push buttons are also different from the other chronographs. Integrated "into" the case rather than two protruding push buttons. The crown is also signed.

Overall a nice piece but I still prefer the simpler 5711. And with a strap, thank you.