Saturday, March 19, 2016

World Timer by Patek - The 5131R

Timepieces from the house of Patek Philippe is much sought after - what more a complication with a Cloisonné enamel dial.

The 5131R features a richly coloured dial in the centre featuring the map of Asia and the Americas.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 02_zpsvwhwhdgg.jpg

Cloisonné enamel technique is a complicated technique and I described it in my other article where I featured the Vulcain Cricket Aviator GMT Dragon. Each enamelling step is precise and the colours have to be fired at the right temperature for the colour to shine through.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 04_zps6fzucj30.jpg

What's special about the 5131R is the fact that the enamel dial gives it the colour that most other world timers won't. And because it is done with the Cloisonné enamel technique, no two dials are identical. Similar, but not identical. And the shine of the dial, well that is another attraction.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 05_zpsbniaypxq.jpg
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 06_zpsw28kkg2e.jpg

The world timer features 24 time zones and comes with a day and night dial ring.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 08_zpsrpmml7gs.jpg

The push button at the 11 o'clock position adjusts the time zone indicator. Engraved on the case (above the 12 o'clock) is the brand - I wish they had not done so. The purity would have made the timepiece a lot more attractive.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 07_zpskaje0w7h.jpg

Although the beauty of the enamel dial is undeniable, the words engraved in the case draws a curious look - and after awhile, you realised it states Geneve at the bottom.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 13_zpshhnyxz7d.jpg

Powering the timepiece is Calibre 240 HU which features a micro rotor and the Patek quality seal.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 10_zpsayelzp4a.jpg

Expertly finished as one would expect of a timepiece from Patek.
 photo Patek 5131 Enamel 12_zpsk2voxgvu.jpg

There are a few more timepieces that feature a world timer like the Andersen Geneve piece but what makes the 5131R special is the fact that it features a Cloisonné enamel dial. But what spoilt it for me was the engraving on the case. One look and I would have known it is a Patek. So why?

Thanks to my friend who loaned me this for the shoot. Overall, a stunning piece in rose gold and with a colourful Cloisonné enamel dial.