Sunday, January 17, 2016

The H Moser Endeavour Small Seconds - Pretty In Pink

The mother of pearl dial when executed well adds to a timepiece. Such is the case with the H Moser Endeavour small seconds.

On top of the the mother of pearl dial, the diamond encrusted bezel brings the simple three handed timepiece to another level of attractiveness. The Endeavour also known as the Mayu is not new but this particular model rarely seen. When executed well, the dial outshines the normal dial as it changes from a light shade to a darker shade of depending on the lighting condition and the angle of the light source.

From a lighter pastel pink to a darker shade of pink.

The handcrafted sculptured mother of pearl dial under different lighting conditions.

A really pretty package - Pretty In Pink!

The timepiece is well made - the indices are well finished and the quality comes through on the 12.

I can understand why the ladies will love this piece... pretty in all the right places. A white gold case with 84 diamonds around the bezel and the lugs too.

The timepiece comes with a manual winding in-house HMC321 movement with three days power reserve. Case diameter is 39mm - perfect on the wrist of the Asian lady.

Moser makes some rather iconic timepieces one of which is the Perpetual One which I covered in another post. The new Concept Watch is also another step in the right direction - less being more. Classy really!

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