Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lange One Tourbillon - An Icon Made More Iconic

The Lange One is the icon of the brand so when Lange decided to develop a tourbillon around this piece, it sure will be a stunning piece.

I am lucky enough to know a friend who owns of these beauties - the Lange One Tourbillon. As with all things Lange, the finishing and aesthetics are beautiful.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon03_zps0125c022.jpg

And the movement side is a stunner too.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon06_zps7862ce44.jpg

And the hand engraved balance cock is exquisitely executed.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon07_zps5da89d2e.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon05_zps96e88edf.jpg

The level of finishing on the movement is as one would expect from the House of Lange. The watch is in platinum and limited to 150 pieces worldwide.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon22_zpsd2a49186.jpg

The timepiece has all the signature of the Lange One - off centre dial, large date and the power reserve indicator. A rather beautiful timepiece IMHO.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon02_zps7e5fa13b.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon17_zps07ffda93.jpg

The tourbillon is located on the right side of the timepiece and well finished too.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon20_zpsf361b846.jpg

A close up of the tourbillon. And the "jewel" at the top of the tourbillon is a diamond!
 photo LangeOneTourbillon29_zpsdd3b5ba7.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon30_zps44d7fc4a.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon11_zps791c4adf.jpg
 photo LangeOneTourbillon10_zpsd16c70c1.jpg

A simple yet stunning timepiece.
 photo LangeOneTourbillon18_zpsbcdf5a4a.jpg

The next is to find the Cabaret Tourbillon which is the first tourbillon to incorporate a hacking mechanism which is a Lange Patent.