Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Murano Glass - What About Murano Glass Watch?

Murano in Italy is famous for their Murano glass which is an art form unique to the town of Murano. We visited Venice, Italy and in one of our boat rides visited the small island town of Murano - famed for their glass making.

But surprisingly, there is little collaboration between the glass industry and the watchmaking industry so when we came across a mechanical timepiece featuring the Murano glass as dials, we jumped at it of course. Not one, not two but three of these timepieces!

Because each dial is handmade and the different substances (quantity and colour) added manually, no two dials are alike - similar in colour combination but definitely unique in their own ways.

Upon closer examination, you can see the vibrant colours of the glass and also the transparency that allows one to also see a little of the movement behind.

Perfect for ladies as they can choose each timepiece to match their outfits. See how "deep" the glass motifs are? The three dimensional motif is the signature of Murano glass.

The open case back shows a mechanical skeletonised movement. Nothing fancy, just functional.

I can hardly find these timepieces anywhere since then. Would the ladies wear something like this? My wife does so I am wondering if it is because no one has really marketed this timepiece?

Maybe it is time for a Murano Glass manufacturer to co-operate with a watch manufacture and come up with a line. Perhaps the next Swatch?

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