Saturday, March 21, 2015

Seiko Presage - Made In Japan For Japan

The Seiko Presage range is somewhat special - more so the “tokinowaza” range where Seiko enlists the services of a master craftsman to create special timepieces for the Japanese market.

Enters both the Presage SARX027 and the SARX029. The former comes with a white enamel dial while the latter a lacquer (Japanese Urushi) dial.

The SARX027 with the enamel dial.
 photo Presage SARX027 01_zpserzfqwsu.jpg

The SARX029 with the lacquer dial.
 photo Presage SARX029 04_zpslmt5o7jw.jpg

So which one do you like? Both are available only in Japan - Made In Japan for the domestic market. A full report to come.

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