Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vianney Halter And The Antiqua Perpetual Calendar

Vianney Halter - an artist who became a watchmaker extraordinaire. His claim to fame? Well the Antiqua perpetual calendar of course!

I first saw the Antiqua way back when the Hour Glass was hosting Tempus in Singapore. And what a revelation it was for me. A totally unusual layout for a timepiece - with 4 windows. The watch can be described as somewhat “steampunk” style.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG21_zps3b53361d.jpg

At first look, the shape is somewhat odd and it needs a little time to grow on you. From the picture, the watch looks big but actually is fits well onto the wrist. If you know the size of the Vianney Halter Classic you can see from the photo how big the timepiece actually is.
 photo AntiquaandClassic02_zps3906fd1e.jpg

This example in yellow gold is rather rare… I understand there are more examples in rose rose.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG19_zps9a7fe646.jpg

First up the time “pothole”. At the top right hand corner is where the time is - the largest of the potholes. Typical Vianney styling.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG20_zpsa210e26f.jpg

The hands and dial is signature of VH.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG05_zps4b6065ef.jpg

To the left is the pothole that displays the days of the week.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG06_zps537bdd3b.jpg

The pothole at the bottom left corner displays the Leap Year indication and the Months of the Year.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG08_zps5cb438d6.jpg
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG07_zps787758d1.jpg

And last but not least is the date display found and the bottom right to the right of the leap year/month indicator.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG09_zpsf0c349d6.jpg

A rather interesting was to display all the information - not typical of perpetual calendars from other brands whose sub-dials are normally displayed at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. In this case, the display is not traditional which makes the timepieces more alluring.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG17_zps65c7990c.jpg

The timepieces is also not as thick as one expects. Nice height too.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG16_zpsf4ca3328.jpg

As for the movement side, another interesting feature - the “magic” rotor. Vianney patented the magic rotor - a slight shake and the rotor spins and winds the movement. Very well done!
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG10_zpsc9ec3c5d.jpg

The ribbing on the movement base plate gives the movement a nice finish. I only have one issue - Vianney could have used blued screws. Would have given the movement more “color”.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG15_zpsf57d9e20.jpg
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG14_zps73d6d113.jpg

A close up of the movement. Nice but not the highest quality finish - still good though.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG12_zpsf2cca5e9.jpg

Overall an interesting timepiece. One more look at the Antiqua perpetual calendar.
 photo VianneyHalterAntiquaYG01_zpse0a9acbe.jpg

If only I could afford it.