Saturday, May 24, 2014

Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual - US Limited Edition

Several years ago, I was "forced" to let go of this timepiece to fund a dream watch I had wanted.

The Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual is one of the most affordable perpetual calendars around and the fact that they have windows instead of sub-dials made it a lot more attractive - at least to me.
Glashutte Senator Perpetual LE photo GlashutteSenatorPerpetualLE01.jpg

An automatic piece in steel, this is a Limited Edition piece for the US market. It houses the Calibre 39 an in-house movement. If I recall correctly, it was limited to 200 pieces in steel. The platinum has a blue dial and limited to 100 pieces.
Glashutte Senator Perpetual LE Back photo GlashutteSenatorPerpetualLE02.jpg

The salmon colored dial is a real beauty. I do not believe this is found in any other GO pieces. The dial layout is uncluttered unlike other perpetual calendars which thend to use sub-dials.
Glashutte Senator Perpetual photo GlashutteSenatorPerpetualLE03.jpg

If another one would come by again, I'd GO for it. And this time, I won't let GO.