Sunday, January 19, 2014

MoVas - New Releases

MoVas is a Singapore brand and the owners are proud of that fact. They openly tell their fans where their watches are made and what movements go into their timepieces. Specializing in diver watches, MoVas recently re-launched the Oceaner line and also introduced the Prodiver II line.

The launch was held at the Fullerton Hotel in a private suite and some friends were invited to the party. The collection in a trunk.
MoVas Collection Box photo MovasCollectionBox01_zps31b9f2d8.jpg

Amongst all the watches on display, I liked the Oceaner II in red the most. The final dials for the Oceaner is still not confirmed as Sean is still trying out a few others. The Oceaner is rated to 30 ATM.
MoVas Oceaner Red photo MovasOceanerIIRed02_zps35c0ad6b.jpg

The Oceaner in red is still a prototype as Sean wants to make some changes to the markers. The date window is at 6 while the day indicator is at the 3 O'clock position.
MoVas Oceaner Red photo MovasOceanerIIRed01_zpsf2bc2aae.jpg

Coming is three variants, the Oceaner also has a blue inner bezel. In this version, the dial is a sandwich dial as opposed to red version which uses appliqu├ęs. According to Sean, he is still not satified with the blue bezel so some changes to the colour will be forthcoming. And it will also be likely that the blue will be launched next year.
MoVas Oceaner Blue photo MovasOceanerIBlue01_zps7c5473b2.jpg

Notice how the day display is in Chinese? Interesting as not many watches has this feature except Seiko.
MoVas Oceaner Blue photo MovasOceanerIBlue02_zps47d7e95c.jpg

Then there is the regular black version. Although the picture shows crowns are not fully flushed, I was told by Sean that the final version will have them identically flushed to the crown guard.
MoVas Oceaner Black photo MovasOceanerIBlack01_zps37046f8c.jpg

The open case back reveals a China made movement from the Seagull Watch Company - ignore the Shanghai Watch Company rotor. The movement is pretty well decorated - perlage. The Oceaner was supposed to be launched earlier but Sean had issues with the case so it took him time to fix those issues before he re-launched the Oceaner. I can say that it is ready!
MoVas Oceaner Movement photo MovasOceanerIIMovement02_zpsbeeb6244.jpg

The new launch was for the Diver VI Bronze. What was on show were two variants - an all bronze case and one with black bezel.
MoVas Prodiver Bronze Duo photo MovasProdiverIIDuo01_zpsb8b83d28.jpg

Featuring a green dial and a similar layout as the Oceaner, the Diver VI Bronze is as chunky as it looks. Definitely a diver's watch. First the all Bronze Diver VI.
MoVas Prodiver Bronze photo MovasProdiverIIBlackBronze01_zpsa6d6e17a.jpg

Then the black bezel version. So which one you like better? Well, I was told the black bezel version may or may not happen as Sean is still trying out various colour combinations.
MoVas Prodiver Bronze Black Bezel photo MovasProdiverIIBlackBezel01_zpse88ccf5c.jpg

Personally, I prefer the one with the black bezel. A little more contrast lends a totally new look and feel to the watch. Coupled with a matching green strap, the watch is rather pretty. More watches to come and another the Prodiver is also in the works. Stay tuned when I have more.

Fore more information, visit Sean's website at MoVas.

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